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Singing Whats? When the Crawdad Chorus Has Its Moment In The Sun #Film review

I almost didn’t go. The reviews were pretty meah. I’d not read the book, even though it had had strong reviews. Maybe it was one of those transitions to the screen that don’t work. And then the timing. The start … Continue reading

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If You Are Lonely… #filmreview

… build a robot. That, at least was Brian’s solution in the newly released British Comedy, Brian and Charles. Why do we nationalise comedy? Are we so different, or just arrogant that our comedy is somehow better, more comedic than, … Continue reading

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Week Nineteen: 2022

Theatre or cinema? Live or celluloid? I enjoy both but what separates one from the other is the quality of the enjoyment. And it might be the story, the acting, the setting or the company. And while I’ve been surprised … Continue reading

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The Past Is A Foreign Country #Belfast #filmreview

I was too young to understand the explosion of civil violence in Northern Ireland at the end of the 1960s but not so young that it didn’t soon register. But it didn’t seem relevant to my little life in rural … Continue reading

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In Limboland #Filmreview #limbo

In the 80s we fell in love with Scotland via a film Local Hero. It helped the sound track was by Dire Straits, a favourite ensemble of the time. It was a sort of Travelogue with oil. This week we … Continue reading

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Papal Bull? #twopopes #filmreview

Back on the sofa, and another film that slipped through the Le Pard net during the old days of cinema visits. Dog chose a different lap to dribble into while one of our aged cats gave my lap the once … Continue reading

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Neighbourliness Dressed Up As Wisdom #filmreview #abeautifuldayintheneighbourhood

Watching a recent film on my sofa with Dog’s muzzle leaving an embarrassing stain on my lap, I wondered if the mellowness of being in my safe space might change the way I see film. Make me softer, more forgiving? … Continue reading

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What The Dickens #film #review #davidcopperfield

Confession no. 1 I like Armando Iannucci’s work, especially the Death of Stalin which shouldn’t be funny but was. The Thick of It grew on me too, once Malcolm Tucker’s gratuitous yet oddly twee swearing became just part of the … Continue reading

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The Language Of Cliches #filmreview #greenbook

I struggle with language. The correct forms of address. The other day, for instance, I was chided over using ‘blackboard’ and not ‘chalkboard’. I suppose there’s now a derivative for ‘white board’ though it wasn’t mentioned. But I try to … Continue reading

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My Life In Film

The course of my life can be plotted in any number of ways: educational stages, jobs, friendships, family celebrations and so on. Today someone made me think about films and how the can pinpoint certain moments in one’s life. The … Continue reading

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