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It was probably 1961. It was cold and if not Christmas Eve then very close. Back then, the attitude towards dogs, at least in our part of north Surrey, perched on the edge of the North Downs’ escarpment was lax … Continue reading

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A Half-Feb Garden

I’ve been channelling my inner pretzel with the Boy who assists, or who I assist – it’s up for debate – in the garden. The garden itself is still stacking waiting for permission to land… or should that be to … Continue reading

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The Five Senses Of My Father

I came across some old videos the other day, when looking for something else. I had to convert them from their ancient format to mp4 to play and then I found myself with a little lump in my throat. Which … Continue reading

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A Family At War #armisticeday

During the First World War, I had several relatives directly involved in the conflict. My maternal grandfather, Percy Francis had a fascinating war, joining the London Branch of the Seaforth Highlanders, having lost a bet that meant he had to … Continue reading

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Week Thirty-Eight: 2022

Well, that was a rollercoaster of a week. It ended with me coughing like a fifty a day trooper, diagnosed as a chest infection and told by the GP to take it easy, not something I’m especially good at. The … Continue reading

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I Swear

As a child I was sheltered from the adult world in many ways. One part, to which I returned this week was swearing and what one might describe as Oaths, Ancient and Modern. During my primary school years, I became … Continue reading

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Milk, Bread And Other Doorstep Stories

Is it only in the UK or is this a thing globally? A milkman comes to our door three times a week, delivering milk, oat milk, eggs, butter, cheese and apple juice in various quantities. He arrives in the wee … Continue reading

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Yoghurt And Other Savings

When the pandemic hit, we took note of the early shortages: toilet rolls, flour and gravel (some recipe; goodness knows what the cakes tasted like but I doubt they rose much). We planted veg and we made our own yoghurt … Continue reading

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That First Time

There’s a lot of difficult stuff in the news just now and normally I rise above it. But sometimes, amongst the flippancy and frivolity, there’s different emotion lurking and I was drawn to this piece about my first experiences of … Continue reading

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Aunts, Ancient And Modern #familymemories

PG Woodhouse was clear about how devilish Aunts could be in his fabulous Bertie Wooster books. I’ve been lucky with my aunts, both of them are alive and well and with power to add to the gaiety of nations. But … Continue reading

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