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Toads And Bones #tunbridgewells #highrocks

One lesson from my preteens was a realisation that Dad was a bit of a wimp. He’d been in the elite Parachute Regiment at the end of the war and was extremely proud that he’d passed all the physical and … Continue reading

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Wordle, Smurdle

Yet another friend drives me batty with a pic of their daily wordle success. Like I care. Still, I’m not one to chirp; I hate to miss my daily sudoku fix, my preference being the killer version, the trickier the … Continue reading

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Parenting: Hiding In Plain Sight

I’m a parent of two married adults. It wasn’t always this hard. These days they don’t need changing, and their need for change has grown exponentially. But one thing remains constant. It’s a constant learning process on both sides. If … Continue reading

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Whatever Next

I was rummaging around my blog, looking for something I’d written a while back and came across this, written for my first anniversary of blogging in April 2015. I offer it up for… well you decide. The Le Pard family, … Continue reading

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K is for Knights #atozchallenge

For the last two years I’ve joined in the #atozchallenge, namely to post every weekday in April using each letter of the alphabet in turn. In 2015 it was places I’d been to, in 2016 it was London themed. This … Continue reading

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Learning the cryptic way

By the time you are fifteen there is nothing your father can teach you. The old has-been. Mark Twain had it right when he said: “When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly … Continue reading

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Still crazy after all these years

Lisa Reiter has gone trekkin’ crazy this week and has asked us for our bite sized memoires on the subject crazy! Her crazy was exam induced and I think, in the absence of real madness in my world (or at … Continue reading

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Lifting life’s stones

Lisa Reiter is, once more, capturing our imaginations with her latest Bite Sized memoire prompt. So, the prompt for this time’s Bite Size Memoir is: “Discovery” Her post makes good use of the hungry caterpillar story. This triggered many childhood reminiscences involving the … Continue reading

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Dickhead tours

Back in the mid 1990s, when the Lawyer and the Vet were small we regularly holidayed in Devon. Soon enough this became a tradition – the early start, the Little Chef breakfast and the difficult choice of Butterfly farm/Otter sanctuary/model railway … Continue reading

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