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The Ever Afters: Behind The Scenes #fairytales #humour

Have you ever wondered what happened to the characters in fairy tales, after we leave them? Well this is where we find out. The Sergeant called the briefing to order. He eyed the ranks of weasels, foxes, wolves, snakes, skunks … Continue reading

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Free The Magic #blogbattle #creativewriting

Roland Colander had a problem. He had overcome many in his life to date, but this one looked likely to be the mother of all buggerations. He read the edict again and sighed. If this was true, his life’s work … Continue reading

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The History Of Fairy Tales

Fairy tales often stem from real life. Jack and his bean stalk, for instance, has its roots in the battle between Prince Savipattugak and his brother, Giantanaparan.  ‘Gak’ raised an army to defeat Giantanaparan’s forces but the cost was borne … Continue reading

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