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Week Thirty-Nine: 2022

I truly think a career in satire is dead, after the last month of our politics. Somehow, we survive as a nation but for how much longer, I wonder as the bond market vigilantes sharpen their knives for Monday’s opening? … Continue reading

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Week Thirty-Six: 2022 – Just One Last Thing

This week has been about the Quilt show, one way or another, so I thought I’d finish with this. It’s a twelve foot square panel that had to be laid on the lawn and was tricky to photograph. Can you … Continue reading

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My Neighbourhood: Part one #dulwich #southlondon #circularwalk

I needed to get out and about and Dog wanted a walk. These days he’s good for four miles but more than that and his arthritis can leave him limping for a few days. So when I came across this … Continue reading

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Week Six: 2022

This week I read that three cups of coffee a day will make you live longer. How do they decide this stuff? Surely it’s like the red wine is good/not good debate that has rumbled on between scientific communities with … Continue reading

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Week Four: 2022

I worry about law breaking. I do it, more often than I’d like to admit. Speeding – staying at 20 mph, which is universal around here, is darned tricky – the odd parking infraction, the occasional littering and I can’t … Continue reading

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Rain Of Terror

I admit it; I’m becoming paranoid about the garden and the forthcoming nuptials that will be celebrated here. Yesterday it hosed down and while I like a bit of rain, as much as the next man, this was to be … Continue reading

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I Really Shouldn’t…

I blog about all sorts and usually aim to avoid controversy. Occasionally my mask slips and you’ll discern what I think about certain politicians, or cultural memes, or incidents of societal neglect. Today, however, I know I will get into … Continue reading

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L.I.F.E. is a four letter acronym

I suppose acronyms have been with us forever. This is a little known section from the First Folio version of Romeo and Juliet: Romeo: She loves me, Mercutio. Mercutio (swiping right): Like BFFs? Romeo: Better, she’s… Mercutio (showing Romeo a … Continue reading

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Painting a Love Story #streetart #dulwich festival #shortstory

Over the weekend Dulwich festival has included a local street art tour and commissioned a new piece for the entrance to the long disused Crystal Palace High level railway tunnel in Sydenham Hill Woods. I took some pictures and a story sort of emerged (with apologies … Continue reading

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D is for Dulwich #atozchallenge

‘The house I have taken,’ said Mr. Pickwick, ‘is at Dulwich. It has a large garden, and is situated in one of the most pleasant spots near London. It has been fitted up with every attention to substantial comfort; perhaps … Continue reading

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