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It’s a Dog’s Life

National Dog Day, I’m told. So say hello to Dog and Dog’ predecessors… We never had another dog, not until the Textiliste gave into the pressure and, about 2000, we went to Battersea… Sadly he died in 2009 and we … Continue reading

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Dog tired, I need a cat nap.

We had a dog when I was small. A pedigree boxer we called Punch but whose ridiculous kennel club name was Punchenello Tillingdown. He was a beast of a dog with a head the size of an asteroid and crafted … Continue reading

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My green and pleasant land

I was brought up, in those formative years between 11 and 18 in a New Forest Cottage. When mum sold in 2006, she moved into a small local town and that was my last real contact with life in the … Continue reading

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The Numbers Game

I seem to hang on to numbers. Names melt like butter in the sun, faces fade quicker than a 1980 fax (sorry for you youngsters; a cultural allusion, like Vesta Curry and Stay Press – you’ll have to ask Dr … Continue reading

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The Year of the Cat

I was thirty in 1986. End of November. Some of you will remember it, some think of it as ancient history. Turning thirty is a watershed for some but I’ve always been a bit ‘meah’ about these so called important … Continue reading

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They seem to be a bit of a theme, given I’ve just posted the start of my novel in posts that is inspired by dogs. A while back I wrote this poem, having watched my then dog Blitz do his … Continue reading

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