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Staying Local: Crystal Palace Park

In 1851, Prince Albert, Prince Regent to Queen Victoria had what was possibly his finest hour with the opening of his Great Exhibition in Hyde Park. He commissioned a glass house designer, Joseph Paxton (his gong came after) to come … Continue reading

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Week Four: 2022

I worry about law breaking. I do it, more often than I’d like to admit. Speeding – staying at 20 mph, which is universal around here, is darned tricky – the odd parking infraction, the occasional littering and I can’t … Continue reading

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What Did The Victorians Ever Do For Us #crystalpalace

As with Monty Python and the People’s Front of Judeah listing what the Romans missed, so we can often forget the genius of some Victorians. One such near me was the creation of the Crystal Palace which was reconstructed on … Continue reading

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Moving West #capitalring #walking

I left off the other day, in Eltham Park North. We lunched in Eltham, an odd place that mixes large 1920s housing aimed at the newly affluent city middle class with a residue of the footpads and gangsters of the … Continue reading

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Where The East Begins #capitalring #walking

A week or so ago, I wrote about a wander with the APE when we did a section of the Capital Ring, a circular walk around London that aims to take in as many of the green spaces as possible … Continue reading

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Ring Of Walking – #CapitalRing #crystalpalace to #richmond

I like to walk. Better than running and infinitely better than swimming. Better still than driving which often engenders ranting/neckache/guilt and sometimes all three. And while cycling and my bottom are reasonably compatible, I have seen too many road surfaces, … Continue reading

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Crystal Palace to Grove Park #capitalring #walking

It’s over six months since my last stretch of the Capital Ring, here. That took Dog and me to Greenford in North West London so, to be different we headed east, away from our start point of Crystal Palace, through … Continue reading

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A New History #crystalpalacesubway

There was nothing special about Sydenham Hill in the 1840s. A minor lump 7 miles ¬†pretty much due south of St Paul’s it’s future changed with the decision to move the huge glass buildings of the 1851 great Exhibition to … Continue reading

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The Capital Ring: Crystal Palace to Tooting

The Capital Ring is a strategic walking route that completely encircles inner and central London. It is approximately 78 miles long and cuts trough as many green spaces as is possible. I completed the Capital Ring for the first time … Continue reading

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Always leave them laughing

This isn’t a morbid post but it is about death. Or the arrangements around death. I’ve been put in mind of this subject by an incident yesterday in Crystal Palace. The Textiliste and I were on our way to the … Continue reading

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