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The University Years – Taking Crime, Itself A Crime #1975 #bristoluniversity

In 1975 I started a law degree. It wasn’t, academically the wisest choice and I struggled to grasp what I was meant to be learning. It wasn’t my only struggle… When I signed up for a law degree, I really … Continue reading

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Tailored To Fit The Crime #blogbattle #shortstory #flashfiction

Detective Sergeant George Corduroy tugged at his creases, trying to sharpen them. He felt wretched and that made him feel angry. He shouldn’t be made to suffer. It wasn’t fair. It was… yes, he was being bullied. Passive aggressively. The … Continue reading

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The Grapes of Wrath: A Father’s Wisdom

I witnessed a crime today. A couple of kids ahead of me, heads close together and one nabbed a piece of fruit off a stall outside a small convenience store. It was casual, brazen almost. They stood there, didn’t even … Continue reading

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When Good Breeding Is The Basic Requirement For Murder #microcosms

‘Hopkins, is that a…?’ ‘Hunk, sir..’ DC Hopkins added. ‘Specifically a Henry. Good for perfect pecs, bespoke self-tatting and..’ ‘Thanks. Are they all the Henrys in there? Whatever “there” is?’ ‘A garage and sump, sir. The Henrys’ preferred environment. Anywhere … Continue reading

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My life of crime: time for an admission

When I was at the College of Law in 1978 taking my professional legal exams – my Part 2’s as they were known – now it is the Legal Practice Course which at least tells you what they were about … Continue reading

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