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When The Cost Of Making Bread Was Astronomical

A little nonsense while I’m skiing ‘Re-entry In 20 minutes. You ok, Rod?’ Rod Hovis stared at the bulkhead, hearing the beast beyond, imagining it clawing, oozing and, above all, growing. The distortion on the metal was intense. Soon either … Continue reading

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Six days before the nuptials.

This is entirely fictional… of course Return from walking the dog to accusations of not pulling my weight. Suggest that First of Her Name might like to walk dog who has for the last hour been constantly pulling my weight … Continue reading

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Corona: Part Eight #short story #instalments

Janice nearly gave up then and there. If she hadn’t already told Godfrey, who she sensed was watching her, she might have turned and run away. Instead she took a deep breath and opened the door. “Hello?” Silence. Taking several … Continue reading

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Corona: Part Six

Margate was drab. A mean wind blew in from the North Sea, spinning the off-shore turbines but otherwise doing little good, or so it seemed to Janice. She hunched into her coat as she walked quickly from the station, past … Continue reading

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Nigel Deare and The Curse Of the Lillies #flashfiction

Nigel Deare had felt for sometime that he was born in the wrong era. Back when his father was his age, he had to hold down several jobs but at least the variety was in the employment not in you. … Continue reading

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