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A little dusting of philosophy with a side of common sense #1000speak

On a blog today I read about a mother whose 12 year old asked ‘Why are we here, mum?’ Very existentialist and well done to the young man for articulating an age old question. For centuries, millennia probably, man/woman has … Continue reading

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Gravely Done – reflections on a burial now and then #1000voices

Poignant things, graves. I went to a family funeral the other day, this one involving a burial. There’s something powerful and almost overwhelming about burials, putting the body in the ground which I don’t feel with a box slipping behind … Continue reading

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Learning to breathe #1000speak @1000speak

We don’t need to learn that, do we? It’s one of those instinctual things like using our hearts, sweating and realising a cake must be moist to be good. Only you do. Or I do. I had a minor altercation … Continue reading

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Plastic Bottles and the Kaiser – a plea #1000speak @1000speak

I’ve often wondered at the way the world is set up and the conflicts inherent in it. History, power, colonialism, they have all had a part to play in the dominance of nations and nation states in the current construct. … Continue reading

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Me, me, me; You, you, you #1000speak

This post forms part of the 1000 Voices for Compassion initiative. The aim is to bring a topic to the surface that might bring a little light and joy into the world or make you think a little about what … Continue reading

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A little bit of hugginess – be prepared #1000speak

I hope the web is bombarded by posts on compassion; 1000 Voices for Compassion should be exploding, like New Year fireworks, starting somewhere in Polynesia as the final stars cross the International Dateline and 20th February begins. The news will … Continue reading

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A Thousand Voices Speak For Compassion

  Yvonne Spencer mentioned this idea to me in a tweet this week. This is the question she posed after ruminating on some of the troubles blighting the world today. How cool would it be if we could get 1000 … Continue reading

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