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The Sibling E – A Fighting Vowel #carrotranch #flash fiction

‘What now, Morgan?’ ‘My brother. He said we used to scrap all the time while all I remember is being told we got into scrapes.’ ‘It’s possible you did both.’ ‘You’re sitting on the fence again.’ ‘No, look. You scrap … Continue reading

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Snow Going Back #walking

I’m fixated with cake. Coffee too, but mostly cake. A day like we had this last week, what with the snow and cold means Dog and I need an incentive to be outside and cake does it. That and the … Continue reading

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The Less Is More Cake #vegan #bananaandfruitcake

Have I bored you yet with my recent attempts at vegan treats? I hope not because the latest cake is not just vegan but also sugar and flour free. I had a go at it for the Bloggers Bash in … Continue reading

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Nailed to a Lemon #vegancake

Ok, so I’m showing off. The seed and grain branch of the Le Pard’s enjoyed the vegan carrot cake but… why, with my family is there always a ‘but’? Or indeed butt? I suppose we always do things bottom up. … Continue reading

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Meating The Maker #cake #vegan

I’m not a vegan; I’m not a vegetarian. I eat far less meat than I once did, and have little red meat but… chicken and fish… yes, I do. And so do – maybe did – my family. Then the … Continue reading

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I know I shouldn’t…. But You Should… #bloggersbash #competition

I love cake. It’s always been my default treat but over the last 6 months I’ve cut down. Not entirely sure why. In part it could be because I recently enjoyed my BIG 6.0 birthday and this was the cake … Continue reading

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Cake time!

It’s a while since I posted a cake but I needed a distraction today soooo ORANGE ALMOND CAKE WITH PASSION FRUIT ICING Ingredients melted butter for greasing 2 oranges 3 eggs 15 g caster sugar 300 g ground almonds 1 … Continue reading

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Having shown some piccies of the garden yesterday I thought I’d share something that is a result of all that growing lushness and general fecundity. This beauty is a Rhubarb (the home grown bit), soured cream and ginger cake – … Continue reading

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lisa’s lazy kitchen

Just a quickie post http://quickandhealthyrecipes.wordpress.com/2014/05/01/berry-banana-bread/ Please, if you like cake, then look at this. Bananas, gluten free (give or take the baking powder –  meah) and no refined sugars. I’ll try it this weekend. I went to Lisa’s flash fiction … Continue reading

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The amazing eggless, sugarless, fatless cake

Now I’m really not one for stereotypes so I hesitate to bring my mother-in-law to this blog. However, she does deserve an acknowledgement for supplying me with the recipe for the above. My father in law was diabetic and this … Continue reading

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