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The Labours Of Harry #books #cover

My first ever published book turned out to be the first in a series following the life and loves of Harold Spittle. We began in 1976 with Harry 19 and home for the holidays and have now reached 1997 with … Continue reading

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Data, Damned Data and Statistics

Do you know who Caroline Criado Perez is? You should. I first came across her when she had a run in over the ten pound note with the Bank of England. something about the failure to replace a woman – … Continue reading

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The Diary of a Trainee In-Law

Over the last three years, both my children have wed. In experiencing these events I gather a lot of material which I, in part, fictionalised for this blog. I’ve now turned those posts into a novella, The Diary of a … Continue reading

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A Reminder about Dead Flies and Sherry Trifle #Comedybookweek

Just a reminder to those interested, my first book, Dead Flies and Sherry Trifle, is now free on Kindle for 5 days between 18th and 22nd July¬†as part of Comedy Book Week. It is also free on Smashwords. I’m also … Continue reading

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A Give Away: my first book #Comedybookweek

Comedy Book Week is the baby of Anna Spoke. You can find out about it here. It is an annual event so please considering signing up to the newsletter for news of the next one. My first book Dead Flies … Continue reading

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I see myself as calm, in control. I don’t flap. And then I have to go to an airport, train station, bus garage and I go all to pieces. Perhaps it’s a residue from my holiday planning incompetence. We travelled … Continue reading

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My Father and Other Liars: the Launch #myfatherandotherliars

I’m so close it is within touching distance… A short while ago, that delightful supportive simian Chris Graham permitted me space to announce the forthcoming arrival of my latest book – here. Today Sally Cronin has given me one of … Continue reading

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A Self-Publishing Journey – Other Kindle issues

I started this series to pass on the little I’ve learnt about self publishing. Here and here. This series is the ‘Mind the Gap’ sort between writing the book and trying to market it. The gap, getting it published, is … Continue reading

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A thought and a favour

I want to talk about my next book. The title I have is God Bothering But it’s not primarily about religion. The basic premise arose from thinking about my relationship with my father. Years 0 to 16 were just dandy; … Continue reading

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First edition

I have mentioned my slow, even tortuous progress to publishing my book, Dead Flies and Sherry Trifle. You can read the first three chapters here. Well, the story so far (ha!) is I think I’m nearly there. I have a … Continue reading

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