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Derek and the Dogs of Defeatism #blogbattle

This month’s #blogbattle prompt is Gloom. Derek Gloom let go of the ball bearing to start his Newton’s cradle. Each time the ball hit the next one, the ball glowed with a smiley face. Every day started that way with … Continue reading

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The Wrong Sort Of Interface #blogbattle #interface

This month’s #blogbattle prompt is ‘interface’ ‘Of course,’ Lars Tez-Tickle rubbed his jaw ruminatively, ‘it’s your interface.’ Lars understood clients. He’d plumbed for twenty years and in that time he’d had every kind of reaction from despair to incredulity and … Continue reading

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The Blue Door #blogbattle #shortfiction

Was it really just a week ago? Time seems to have come loose, it’s lost its shape, its coherence. I recall the start. That much is easy. I can recall the exact time, too. Six am, by St Stephen’s clock; … Continue reading

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Putting His Affair On Ice #blogbattle #shortfiction

‘Good morning. Ice Agency. How can we help?’ The cheery voice surprised Hortense. She stumbled rather. ‘Oh, yes, sorry. Have I the correct number? My friend, Grizelda recommended you and…’ ‘Mrs Grizelda Downton?’ ‘Er, technically Mrs Patronise. Grizzy was widowed … Continue reading

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Dusk, Dawn, They’re All Of A Piece #blogbattle

Crestfallen the Biddable goggled at his boss, Demotic the Unwise. ‘Are you sure, sir?’ ‘Do you really have to ask that question? Again.’ The terminally disappointed dictator forced himself to continue even though his teeth sighed at the temporary relief … Continue reading

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