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Cakes And Hens #clementinecake #baking

It all started so well. The Textiliste brought home this baking magazine. In it was a gluten free recipe for a clementine cake. Why not, I thought. I have the ingredients. That was Thursday evening. Friday was always going to … Continue reading

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Baked In #food

I had this urge… I had to bake… There’s this recipe for baked cheesecake… Ignore the Graham’s crackers… Uck! Nope a packet of chocolate digestives, blitzed to crumbs and mixed with the butter… no extra sugar needed. Stick that on … Continue reading

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Sucking Lemons And Other Cake Options

I had polenta and ground almonds and a box of lemons. So I made a cake. Lemon cakes come in many forms but the only good ones involve being soaked with a lemon syrup after baking… This one ticks those … Continue reading

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The Art Of Carrot Cake #food #tategallery

I’m lucky enough to be a member of the Tate Galleries though in these Covidy restricted times it’s months since I could visit. Still, as a member they try and keep us informed and in the loop. In the latest … Continue reading

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Feta, Sweet Potato And Leaves Soda Bread #baking

I must be on something of a roll. Or loaf. When I retired from the law, one promise I made was to even the balance of running the house, given the bulk of it had fallen on the Textiliste’s shoulders … Continue reading

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Wet, In Need Of Comfort #baking #rain #garden

My corner of England has been pummelled by storm Alex. We needed some rain, or so the gardener in me believes, but couldn’t it be a spread a little more evenly? The great indoors called and while I always have … Continue reading

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Plain Flour Bread #baking

I haven’t done this in a while. Lockdown improved my baking. I wanted to bake some bread but couldn’t get strong white flour for all the tea in Tescos. Then this… Plain Flour bread. And, you know what? It’s bloody … Continue reading

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The Less Is More Cake #vegan #bananaandfruitcake

Have I bored you yet with my recent attempts at vegan treats? I hope not because the latest cake is not just vegan but also sugar and flour free. I had a go at it for the Bloggers Bash in … Continue reading

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Hard Baked #prompt #shortstory #flashfiction

Jane Doughtery’s microfiction prompt this week is here Hard baked Amy Potter knew with a cold certainty that her life was about to take a downward spiral as complicated and intricate as the much-vaunted sourdough noose she had made during … Continue reading

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A Bit Biscuity

The Vet enjoys baking and cooking and being culinary. Her resolution for 2016 is to learn a new baking technique each month (that and pass her Vet finals – I hope). Bread making was January but, in addition, she booked … Continue reading

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