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The Erosion Of Hope #writephoto #flashfiction

The Erosion Of Hope For longer than people knew the two figures had stood sentinel, staring out on to the North Sea, watching, forever watching those tumultuous waves. They weren’t ancient, but their origins were unknown and many a passerby, … Continue reading

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To Nano or not to Nano #worksinprogress #amwriting

A couple of Nanos ago – if you don’t know what ‘nano’ is, it is shorthand for the National Novel Writing Month where people set themselves the challenge of writing a 50,000 word book during November – I started on … Continue reading

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Buster & Moo – an update #amwriting #novel

‘The rehomer led in a stocky, predominantly white male. On his ears and flank he had large brown patches. “The brindle one has kennel cough so unless you really wanted to wait for her, I thought I’d bring the next … Continue reading

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And a time to live #shortstory

Saz and Jim saw it first. Or rather Saz did when Jim caught her and spun her round. ‘What’s that?’ Jim glanced back; his attention was elsewhere, now he’d caught her. ‘What?’ ‘That tree. Stop Jim. It wasn’t there just … Continue reading

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Picture this #anthology #shortstory

Back in November as some of you will recall I wrote a short story a day, each as near as I could to the daily word count (1667 words) that would accumulate to a successful Nano of 50,ooo in the … Continue reading

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They were called Grimm for a Reason #writephoto #amwriting #flashfiction

Here’s a little fairytale, based on this picture Mabel knew only joy until her seventh birthday. That day her father appeared, ill at ease. ‘Understand I meant well,’ was all he said before he left. In no time hard faced … Continue reading

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Phew! #amwriting

Last year I set myself a challenge of writing a novel in weekly instalments. Buster and Moo I called it. I reached November, pretty much on track but nano and one thing and another and i never finished it. So … Continue reading

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