Dad’s letters: Dad in Palestine 1946-1947

In this section Dad has been posted to Palestine as part of the UN backed Mandated peace keeping force. Rather than type the letters I have scanned the and attached them in their original format. I hope you enjoy them.

When you read these letters you will feel, I have no doubt, that Dad didn’t much like the Jews nor did he have much time for the indigenous population either. He had no gripe in truth but he was a young man, not twenty, who was spat and shot at by Hagganah and the Irgun. Everyone hated the British at that time (for all sorts of reasons) and that siege mentality is reflected in both the language and the sentiments. Before you condemn him, if that is what you do, understand the context and that, years later he admitted he would have reacted in the same way had the roles beenĀ reversed.

5 Responses to Dad’s letters: Dad in Palestine 1946-1947

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  2. Eric Cobbett says:

    My name is Eric William George Cobbett. I was in the 2nd Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers in Egypt and Palestine. My Army number is 14797706 I have many photos I would love to share.. I am now 88 years old.

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    • TanGental says:

      Hello. Is it ok to call you Eric? I would be delighted to see your pictures and to ear some of your stories. I have met a wonderful lady who is curating a website dedicated to you and your fellow servicemen’s time in Palestine. Her email is and her name Sue King. My email is Please feel free to contact either of us. If he were still alive my Dad would have been 88 next year.


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