Dad in Palestine – September/October 1946

Dad’s letters – 2 September to 10 September 1946

Dad’s letters – 14 September to 5 October 1946

Dad’s letters 10 October to 13 October 1946

Dad’s letters 15 October to 29 October 1946

8 Responses to Dad in Palestine – September/October 1946

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  2. Zyad Zakaria says:

    Dear Sir
    I tried very hard to read your dad’s letters but to no avail. As I am Palestinian, and the subject of the letters interest me very much, would it be possible if they are in printed format?


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  4. Gloria says:

    I tried to read the letters. But it says, ‘file not found’ when I click on the links Geoff.


  5. Gloria says:

    Oh…I have it now from the pingback.

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