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Temporary? It’s Just A Matter Of Perspective #writephoto #shortstory

The two hikers stopped at the edge of the tarn and breathed in deeply. Cherub Corncripple let the scents suffuse her every molecule; wild thyme, heather, the sharply acidic snap of larch and… ‘Can you smell that, Barnacle?’ Her companion … Continue reading

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The Way Of Life #writephoto #robertfrost

In my continuing series of famous poems loved by the BBC’s listeners and ruined by me we reach Robert Frost and The Road Not Taken. I have also utilized Sue Vincent’s #writephoto prompt Two Roads Two roads diverged in a yellow … Continue reading

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Cinderella And The Ubiquitous Uber #writephoto #flashfcition

‘Oh bloody hell.’ Cinderella stuck her head out of the coach window. ‘What’s wrong?’ ‘What’s wrong? What’s wrong? Where is this bleeding castle?’ ‘How do I know? I’ve had my head up a chimney for 16 years. How am I…?’ … Continue reading

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In Plain Sight #writephoto #flashfiction

A Magical Mystery Tour – The Secondary School Version ‘And this is the art room. How is it going today, Miss Lozenge?’ The teacher looked terrified at the simple question. Gaston Hipbrace was used to his presence, as Chief Inspector … Continue reading

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The Throne Room #writephoto #flashfiction

This week’s #writephoto prompt is  which led to this  How Herman Suet Rose To The Depths Back in the mists of time, before universal healthcare, bidets and novelty condoms, Ode was a land of leisure. Nestled between the Grecian and … Continue reading

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Song Sung Blue #writephoto #flashfiction

‘There you go. Have you ever seen a river like it?’ ‘It’s so…’ ‘Blue?’ ‘Unnatural.’ ‘Taste it.’ ‘You’re kidding. What’s done that? Copper sulphate? Cobalt?’ ‘Have a sip. It won’t kill you’ ‘Have you?’ ‘Course.’ ‘Oh god it’s disgusting.’ ‘Your … Continue reading

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Pearl Barley And The Mystery Of The Warl Line #shortstory #writephoto

Pearl Barley stumbled and squealed. She had the oddest sensation of being pulled back in two places: her head and her arm.  The Deacon moved alongside her.  ‘Don’t cross over until you’re covered.’ ‘Too bloody right, girl,’ said her hair … Continue reading

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