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In Flanders Fields

  Three years ago a display of ceramic poppies filled the moat at the Tower of London. I took some pictures and then the Archaeologist recited possibly the most powerful WW1 poem and sent me the link. It’s attached below … Continue reading

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Cambodia Day 4: of sandstone, sunrise and sculpture

Today I’m going to shut up and let the images take over for a while. Okay, this is a tourist must and a 4.30 alarm call isn’t everyone’s cuppa. And if I was being really churlish I’d say it’s a … Continue reading

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Cambodia Tales Day 1: silk and scenery

We are in Cambodia. Today we visited the vast Angkor Thom complex with its mix of temples and palaces, incorporating Buddhist and Hindu influences and stunning sights. I’m blown away when I think this was all being built while the … Continue reading

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Cake Not Hate – a walk and some thoughts #london #walking #lookingforthesilverlinings

Father’s day here coincided with a series of events to show the sunny side of humanity, in the spirit and memory of murdered MP Jo Cox and at the end of a dreadful week in the UK and especially London … Continue reading

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Stalking and talking

I wrote  a post a year ago on talking to myself and thought, yep that’s cathartic. Now my dirty secret is out there I can move on, I can deal with this openly. And then I found myself arguing with … Continue reading

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History in the here and now

Despite it being May, it is cold here, misty too, as Dog and I perambulate around the Park. Once crisp views of the city in a chill winter are hazed to a blur, technicolour leached to monochromes. The radio talked … Continue reading

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One of those things…

I went shopping a couple of days ago. Having done the bagging up and paying bit I decided to have a cup of coffee before heading home. The cafe attached to the store is a couple of notches up from … Continue reading

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