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Week Forty-One: 2022

The temperatures in London have been bonkers, more like May. The garden can’t understand and if this goes on much longer we will be mowing the lawn throughout the whole year. At least it’s keeping the heating bills down. And … Continue reading

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Week Forty: 2022

I had a look back at pictures from the garden over the last five years. Interesting Well, that was a week that was! A phew, what a scorcha sort of seven days. The farce of a 44 day premiership that … Continue reading

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Week Thirty-Nine: 2022

I truly think a career in satire is dead, after the last month of our politics. Somehow, we survive as a nation but for how much longer, I wonder as the bond market vigilantes sharpen their knives for Monday’s opening? … Continue reading

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Week Thirty-Eight: 2022

Well, that was a rollercoaster of a week. It ended with me coughing like a fifty a day trooper, diagnosed as a chest infection and told by the GP to take it easy, not something I’m especially good at. The … Continue reading

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Week Thirty-Seven 2022

As readers will know, part of this past week has been spent in Italy and, in particular Venice. The best part by far was spending time with my old colleagues, reminiscing, arguing about this and that and speculating on the … Continue reading

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Week Thirty-Six: 2022 – Just One Last Thing

This week has been about the Quilt show, one way or another, so I thought I’d finish with this. It’s a twelve foot square panel that had to be laid on the lawn and was tricky to photograph. Can you … Continue reading

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Once A Lawyer…

I was accused the other day of ‘still being a lawyer’ even though my official retirement from that career was umpteen years ago. I gave it some thought and realised the evidence is plain. Here are 15 reasons why you … Continue reading

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Week Thirty-Six: 2022

A week of official mourning and a bit of gardening. Everything seems to be on hold, politics especially. It makes for an oddly echoing sort period, normal things done to a background of abnormal quiet… Since the coffin arrived from … Continue reading

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Thoughts On The Monarchy

The death of one monarch and the accession of the next inevitably triggers a pause for thought. Several thoughts. Most immediately, why did I feel emotional at different points over the last few days? I’ve never been an ardent monarchist; … Continue reading

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Week Thirty-Five : 2022

Well that was a week of 2 halves. I was sitting in my seat at the Oval cricket ground watching the rain pulse down when the news began to filter through of the Queen’s failing health. By the time play … Continue reading

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