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What Is The Moon Made Of? #shortstory #blogbattle #scifi

‘What’s your excuse?’ Gideon opened one eye and took in the woman next to him. She hadn’t been there when they’d taken off. She appeared distracted, her eyes roaming the cabin for something, someone. ‘Do I need one?’ Briefly she … Continue reading

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Life, But Not As We Know It #writephoto

Sue Vincent’s #writephoto prompt this week is ‘Hello?’ ‘Hello?’ ‘You need to open the door.’ ‘Door?’ ‘Can you see it?’ ‘Yes, But…’ ‘Pull it open and I’ll explain.’ ‘But who… why? My dog. Where’s Bonkers?’ ‘Please, just open the door.’ … Continue reading

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It’s Never Too Late To Die Young #microcosms #flashfiction

Harry smiled as Melissa perched the daisy crown on his head. She pushed a grey wisp from his scalp. ‘These things used to stay put when you had hair.’ A clash of metal on metal made him start. The Assassin’s … Continue reading

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An Opening For A Superhero #writephoto

Sue Vincent’s #writephoto is this The Shadow ran a finger round his T shirt (black, naturally). The woman seemed unsure of her footing as she scrambled down the bank. The Shadow rubbed his back. He’d helped far too many people … Continue reading

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Where Now? #short story #homelessness

I almost walked past. You do, don’t you? But I said, ‘Is that you, James? James Simcox?’ He lifted his head, like a weight was attached. There was something in his eyes – or maybe something missing – that made … Continue reading

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The Food Of The Gods #shortstory

‘And this week on Eat or be Eaten we are going through the Archimedes window. And our guest is Mr Colin Odysseus of Epic Villas, Cheam. Now Mr Odysseus, or can I call you Colin?’ ‘I prefer the Traveller, Mrs … Continue reading

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Tea and Crumpet

Colin had not felt this way for a long time, but then again it had been a while since he had drunk tea. Being brought up, surrounded by the aged and the permed, he developed something of an aversion to … Continue reading

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