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Always Learning #edithardeditoften

There is, truly, no such thing as the perfect piece of writing. It can always be improved. Recently I wrote  short piece for Rachael’s Blog Battle which, by public vote, won. Part of the goody bag that came with the kudos was a … Continue reading

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Melting In Their Arms #blogbattle #shortstory

When Captain Fr’ngg Oblique plotted the coordinates for the next planet on his list he didn’t suspect he would be the one to discover a highly-developed but unique intelligence, the first humanoid to do so. Nor did he expect to … Continue reading

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The Eye Has It #writephoto #shortstory

Sue Vincent’s #writephoto prompt is this week It was the first time the clouds had parted in generations, a small shiny space in the otherwise uniform grey. People speculated why it had happened and why here, in an obscure corner … Continue reading

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Hubris and the Wall #shortstory

Hi, dear readers. Well, I’m off to the ski slopes for a week and who the heck knows what sort of wifi they’ll be. I will also be knackered and will probably fall asleep trying to write any meaningful posts (as … Continue reading

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The Bridge #writephoto #shortstory

Sue Vincewnt’s prompt this week is The Bridge  Cow Lane bridge is barely remarked on these days. A few walkers might occasionally comment on its age and the pretty patterns the lichen makes on the stones but it doesn’t stay … Continue reading

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When Leonardo Met The Pope #blogbattle#shortstory

How The Reformation Nearly Failed (with apologies to historic accuracy) ‘How is His Holiness today?’ Cardinal Bunn looked blank. Then, ‘Papal?’ Leonardo sighed. ‘Yes, yes but his mood? Is it, you know, giving?’ Bunn frowned. ‘This isn’t about the bill, … Continue reading

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The Accidental Anarchist #blogbattle #short story

Just giving this prompt a go; have a look at Rachael Ritchey’s blog for the rules and so on. This week the word we use is Air and the genre Thriller/suspense Here we go with mine. The Accidental Anarchist Bertrand grew up wondering … Continue reading

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