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Life in a Conversation And A Bit About Me

I have revealed a bit about what makes me write over at PJ’s blog. You might like to visit and see if it resonates. Oh, and I have a book coming out. Didn’t I say? via Life in a Conversation

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House Proud #prompt #speculativefiction

Mus Souris had a problem. The tornado had been inaptly timed and having his house blown up into an acacia, while normally a mere inconvenience, was a potential disaster. First his soon to be mother in law was coming to … Continue reading

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God Service #shortstory #fantasy

Margery Plankton pushed her spectacles up her nose and read the letter again. When the postman delivered it, she had been instinctively dribbloidle with anticipation. The last letter she had received – which had been anything other than a demand … Continue reading

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Outsized #shortstory

‘Gee. Look at the colour of that.’ Betty had her hands on her hips. ‘Opalescent, I think it’s called.’ Pat stood a few feet back, studying the map. ‘Milky green. Like some radioactive mistake.’ Betty turned and glared at Dot. … Continue reading

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The Intimacy Of Sash Windows

I bought my first house in 1985. It was a bland mid terrace in a still grimy part of South London. When I moved in, in a bitter January, the only room with a carpet was, incongruously, the small back … Continue reading

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Pearl Barley and Gnorman Gnome

Pauline at The Contented Crafter wrote a post recently in which a small gnome took a meaningful role. One thing followed another and the suggestion followed that I write a short story about the Gnome. Pauline kindly allowed me to use … Continue reading

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Temporary? It’s Just A Matter Of Perspective #writephoto #shortstory

The two hikers stopped at the edge of the tarn and breathed in deeply. Cherub Corncripple let the scents suffuse her every molecule; wild thyme, heather, the sharply acidic snap of larch and… ‘Can you smell that, Barnacle?’ Her companion … Continue reading

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