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The Food Of The Gods #shortstory

‘And this week on Eat or be Eaten we are going through the Archimedes window. And our guest is Mr Colin Odysseus of Epic Villas, Cheam. Now Mr Odysseus, or can I call you Colin?’ ‘I prefer the Traveller, Mrs … Continue reading

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Tea and Crumpet

Colin had not felt this way for a long time, but then again it had been a while since he had drunk tea. Being brought up, surrounded by the aged and the permed, he developed something of an aversion to … Continue reading

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Batting For The Superheroes

‘Peace? That’s a relative concept.’ Mayor Brown scratched his head. ‘How?’ Chief Blue was a man of few words. He couldn’t see why Brown was so off. Since the Bat had upped and left following the departure of all the … Continue reading

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And The Winner Is…

I don’t do many competitions. It’s something to do with confidence and chutzpah and ego (a lack of the former and an instinct that tells me not to pander to the two latter imposters) but Dan Alatorre’s Word Weaver contest … Continue reading

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On Such Misunderstandings, Religions Are Made #writephoto #shortstory

Sue Vincent’s #writephoto this week is From time immemorial this monumental vessel has been known as ‘The Oracle of Doom’. No one knows why but modern archaeologists say it is carved by hand. Some think it represents the birthing pool, … Continue reading

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Two Becomes One #shortfiction

They stopped the wheelchair to let him look along his arbour one last time, whispering in foggy ears for him to stir. He didn’t move and they turned, saddened at his incomprehension, but letting him have a private moment. He … Continue reading

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About The Size Of It #oldjokesarethebest

‘The guy at the bar, Sarge. Barman says he did it.’ ‘Is that the victim? Little guy? What happened to him?’ ‘Both legs broken.’ ‘Why isn’t there a paramedic?’ ‘He’s a Leprechaun, Sarge. Says he’ll fix himself.’ ‘So what happened?’ ‘Seems … Continue reading

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