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Ugly lies the bone #theatre #review

Beauty is but skin deep, ugly lies the bone Beauty dies and fades away, but ugly holds its own This saying, source unknown is a take on one from the 17th century and resonates today, in our image obsessed culture … Continue reading

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Lost in London #filmreview

I don’t think I’ve had a more expensive ice cream than the Ohji vanilla tub. Over 3 squids even with the member’s discount too and we’re not talking family sized. I’m wrinkled enough to remember when Nouvelle Cuisine was a … Continue reading

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Their Finest, not mine #filmreview

Regular readers of this blog know I am administratively incompetent. My Dickhead Tours posts give some credence to that proposition. However it isn’t just in the arena of travel that I let everyone down. Recently I bought the Textiliste and … Continue reading

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A Quiet Passion #filmreview

This film is one of those that I go to thinking I’ll wish I hadn’t. Costume dramas and a lot of moody lingering camera shots at sumptuous gowns and stiff backed men. Ideally these trips would pay for themselves in … Continue reading

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Brainless? #ghostintheshell #filmreview

Another Monday, another chance to watch a film on my own. In theory I get to choose exactly what I want to watch; in practice that means choosing something the Textiliste would never want to see, which isn’t quite the … Continue reading

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Get Out #filmreview

I had a choice of three movies; well four if you count Beauty and the Beast but, hmm, I don’t think so. So what was it to be: Elle, Logan or Get Out? I’d heard Elle has a lot of … Continue reading

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One Kingdom, Comes With Own Monarch #filmreview #aunitedkingdom

This film came and went from our local cinema with undue speed so, having been encouraged to see it, I could only find it showing at the Odean Beckenham at 11am on Tuesday. That happens to the the ‘Seniors’ slot … Continue reading

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