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My Cousin Rachel #filmreview

When I first met the Textiliste, back at university, one thing that stood out was how well read she was and I wasn’t. To try and impress, or may be just to avoid looking ignorant I scoured her shelf in … Continue reading

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The Levelling #filmreview

My mother always said there was a reason the British came to cover the world map in red. ‘Temperament, darling. Which is naturally compatible with world domination’ (actually she called it ‘a natural inclination to rule’ which others might see … Continue reading

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Ugly lies the bone #theatre #review

Beauty is but skin deep, ugly lies the bone Beauty dies and fades away, but ugly holds its own This saying, source unknown is a take on one from the 17th century and resonates today, in our image obsessed culture … Continue reading

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Lost in London #filmreview

I don’t think I’ve had a more expensive ice cream than the Ohji vanilla tub. Over 3 squids even with the member’s discount too and we’re not talking family sized. I’m wrinkled enough to remember when Nouvelle Cuisine was a … Continue reading

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Their Finest, not mine #filmreview

Regular readers of this blog know I am administratively incompetent. My Dickhead Tours posts give some credence to that proposition. However it isn’t just in the arena of travel that I let everyone down. Recently I bought the Textiliste and … Continue reading

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A Quiet Passion #filmreview

This film is one of those that I go to thinking I’ll wish I hadn’t. Costume dramas and a lot of moody lingering camera shots at sumptuous gowns and stiff backed men. Ideally these trips would pay for themselves in … Continue reading

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Brainless? #ghostintheshell #filmreview

Another Monday, another chance to watch a film on my own. In theory I get to choose exactly what I want to watch; in practice that means choosing something the Textiliste would never want to see, which isn’t quite the … Continue reading

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