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The Day Shall Come, The Last Tree – It’s All About The Endings #filmreview

I’ve seen two films in the last week: The Last Tree and The Day Shall Come. Both had decent reviews. One, The Day Shall Come is directed by Chris Morris who did The Four Lions which was very funny and … Continue reading

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Jellyfish – A Review and Thoughts On Differences #theatre #review #thoughtpiece

I am a product of my upbringing and environment and have lived through many changes in attitude and the acceptability of cultural memes and the understanding of how societal approaches can impact others adversely. Today there’s a storm around the … Continue reading

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History, Mythology And All Other Destinations #film #review #Aladdin

Never go back, they say. Don’t re-read that favourite book, or visit your old home. It’ll be disappointing. It goes for film, of course. Not all but quite a few to make the cliche work for its living, at the … Continue reading

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A Veritable -Nys Up #theatre #review #rutherfordandson

The National Theatre has a glorious tradition of quality revivals of previously obscure, not to say, ‘lost’ dramas and giving them the full deep tissue reincarnation. This play, Rutherford and Son which I initially took to be a main stage … Continue reading

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Climate Of Opinions #womanatwar #filmreview

There’s a point in the film, Woman At War where the heroine, a formidable Icelandic environmental warrior, Halla, is bombarded by the adverse public opinions that her economic terrorism generates. It’s visceral and hurtful and managed by government spin but … Continue reading

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Beetroot Drama

Pink. Good in the garden. Stereotyping in girls. Friday night at the National Theatre to see the female written, directed and acted Top Girls. Sunday lunch successfully introducing the joys of roast beetroot to my cousin’s 4 year old daughter. … Continue reading

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Feelgood, Think Slow #filmreview #fishermansfriend

When the Life of Brian first came out it was accompanied by a cartoon short from Terry Gilliam’s stable and a mickey take of the Travelogue genre that, but for John Cleese voicing the commentary, felt like the sort of … Continue reading

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