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Chinese Whispers

‘What’s made you look so smug?’ ‘Nothing.’ ‘Sure. I know you, Morgan. Spill.’ ‘That woman over there? The one with the purple hair…’ ‘A fine arbiter of good taste…’ ‘She told her friend I look chiselled.’ ‘You?’ ‘Is that so … Continue reading

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And Death Becomes You #writephoto #prompt #flashfiction

‘Ah Death. Come in, come in. Sit, sit.’ Satan shuffled some papers and shushed the carvings on his desk which were beginning to howl in the presence of the terminal scythe. ‘Perhaps you’d pop your little doofee in the umbrella … Continue reading

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I’m A Celebrity: Get Over It. #flashfiction #microcosms

Dune Roamin’ The contestants for the charity version of ‘Nothing Ventured’ shifted uneasily as they stared at the unbroken horizon of baking sand. The presenter smirked. ‘You have two days to survive. And remember it’s all in a good cause.’ … Continue reading

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I Hate Those Meeces To Peeces #carrotranch #flashfiction

‘Why the long face, Morgan?’                                                          ‘Aunt Annette is coming.’ ‘Is she a tyrant?’ ‘No. We have mice; she hates mice. She’ll flip if I say or if she sees one.’ ‘Get a trap.’ ‘Can’t. She’ll see it and know.’ ‘You’re … Continue reading

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Sun Block #dianaprompt #speclativefiction

‘Oh hello, Constable. To what… Petey, is that you? Come out from behind the policeman. What have you done this time?’ ‘Been a bit of a naughty boy, I’m afraid, Mrs O’Drool.” ‘Delightful.’ ‘It’s isn’t really, Mrs O’Drool. Not when … Continue reading

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When A Planter Isn’t A Planter #morganandlogan #carrotranch

‘Can you see where that planter is?’ ‘What planter?’ ‘I don’t want to reverse into it when I back up.’ ‘There’s no planter there.’ ‘There is.’ ‘No, there…’ ‘Go and check and you’ll realise how blind and stubborn you are.’ … Continue reading

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The History Of Fairy Tales

Fairy tales often stem from real life. Jack and his bean stalk, for instance, has its roots in the battle between Prince Savipattugak and his brother, Giantanaparan.  ‘Gak’ raised an army to defeat Giantanaparan’s forces but the cost was borne … Continue reading

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