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If you wondered about the British policy towards the Middle east, read on…

Middle East explained. I try to avoid the glib and simplistic when it comes to politics, but a friend, Les Mitchell-Hynd posted this on facebook and I thought it worth giving it a wider audience. There. All explained. Having looked on line for … Continue reading

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Dad’s letters from Palestine – November, December 1946 and January 1947

It’s been a few weeks since I posted the last selection of my father’s letters from Palestine. Here are the latest set. Since then some sort of peace has broken out in Gaza between Hamas and Israel and the more vituperative … Continue reading

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Fringe Benefits No.1

The Edinburgh Fringe is HUGE. 3193 show at 299 venues. One man to ensemble piece. Music through theatre cabaret to radio plays being recorded and performance art up to dance and burlesque. As you can imagine it is easy to … Continue reading

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Great Britain

To the National Theatre with the Textiliste, the Lawyer and the Beautician to see Great Britain, a new play by Richard Bean. The basic premise is the corrupt triangle of press politicians and police ; it’s about  power and by … Continue reading

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What happened next?

I have referred to the Archaeologist on several occasions in this blog. One of his many notable characteristics is his extraordinarily wide range of interests and the depth of his knowledge in those areas.  A conversation with him may start with … Continue reading

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Dad’s letters to Palestine- July and August 1946

We are back in Palestine as the summer heat builds to a crescendo. I’ve posted some more letters and the poem I copied last time. However here we also have Dad’s explanation for writing it. Since starting on these posts … Continue reading

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Dad’s letters from Palestine May/June 1946

I’ve pasted another set of letters, as Dad settles into guard duty and the inevitable ennui and excitement of his time in the Middle East. It’s getting hotter in every sense. To begin it is a snake hunt that engrosses … Continue reading

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A Sonnet for the day

I usually avoid politics, mostly because I dislike organised political parties – no one party ever has the policies that I want to endorse. It makes voting a really tough ask, but hey ho, that’s life. However, and with apologies … Continue reading

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