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Perfect Couplings #terriblepoetry #poems #poetry

Chel Owens is back with her terrible poetry prompt, here. This time it’s a sonnet which were encouraged to make romantic. But how much romance is there? This is my take… Perfect Couplings History is littered with perfect lovers Like … Continue reading

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Another Three Letter Acronym #TBR

Diana at Myths of the Mirror has asked about our reaction to our TBR list. This is what came to mind… The sex life of plums My many chums Hemlines I have known Holidaying alone The treatment of pests Men … Continue reading

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Misled #poem

I have been the subject of a fiddle, Seduced by the central aisle in Lidl. I went to buy some chocolate buttons But before I knew it I’d stumbled up on: An ebony statue of Liz and Phil; An ancient … Continue reading

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Did Someone Say ‘Cabbages’? #poem

PISSARRO FOUND POETRY IN THE CABBAGE If you listen to the fashionistas of the modern culinary arts, When they describe perfect roasts or sumptuous lemon tarts, You’ll hear their words of praise for all those fruits and meat And how … Continue reading

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Passing The Baton #poem #poetry

Some 12/13 years ago, the Textiliste and I drove to Nottingham, to Sherwood Hall where our son, Sam was to be based for the first year of his history and politics degree. He was excited, nervous maybe and me… I … Continue reading

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The World of Merkel

A silly little ditty from a notebook, written I guess in 2018 or so… Angela Merkel The German gerbil Dominated the world’s Rathaus. She cleaned her whiskers And bled her blisters Caused by her love of Strauss. Come on you … Continue reading

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Hostas To Fortune

A regular blogging friend, Sarah revealed her love of the structurally indomitable plant, the not so humble hosta. That led to me mentioning it was one of the plant types my mother loved and that I had inherited several when … Continue reading

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I thought I’d write a few more… When Percival Troon ate a curry His bowels turned good food to slurry With indecent haste He began to lay waste To Hampshire and large parts of Surrey * Last night, to the … Continue reading

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When You Don’t Pay Your Bills

Norris Bonge, a builder from Penge Wasn’t paid for installing a henge. He turned to the Druid Saying: ‘My terms are quite fluid,’ As he peed on the stones in revenge.

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The Message In The Bottle #poetry #toppoets

A while ago I took up a challenge to rewrite a famous poem, keeping the first line and structure but then using my imagination to rewrite the ode. Today’s attempt is a rewrite of GK Chesterton’s The Donkey. It’s first … Continue reading

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