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When To Kipple #poetry #booklaunch

One of the most assiduous supporters in my bloggy world is the delightful Willow Willers who I’ve met several times at bashs in London and Birmingham. Her energy and enthusiasm for other bloggers is extraordinary and it was no surprise … Continue reading

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What The Lawyer Did Next #writing

Darlene Foster, who has written some fabulous books for children based on the adventures of Amanda and is now introducing the creators of paella to the delights of poutine during her sojourn in Southern Spain has hasted me for some … Continue reading

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What Would You Rhyme With Orange? #thesincerestformofpoetry #booklaunch

The delightfully forthright and funny Chel Owens has kindly hosted a few Q&As about how I came to write one of the poems included in my new book. She hosts the A-mused poetry contest and is a generous and supportive … Continue reading

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The Genesis Of Poetry #thesincerestformofpoetry

As part of the launch of my first book of poetry I’ve been over at Robbie Cheadle’s lovely blog, Robbie’s Inspiration, talking about how I end up with the poem I’m happy with. You may be interested, as my maths … Continue reading

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The Sincerest Form Of Poetry #poetry #poem #booklaunch

Hi again. This is a cheek, of course but at last my first work of poetry will be on the shelves on 30th September. It’s 50 odd pages of high quality verse, from laugh out loud to grab the tissues. … Continue reading

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Advice To A Young Man #advice #parental advice #poem #poetry

My father and I undertook several annual walks with friends. These were usually a week, sometimes longer and took in some of the great long distance footpaths England, Wales and Scotland has to offer. We saw some gorgeous parts of … Continue reading

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Lockdown Limerick

Courtesy of Esther Chilton’s prompt (this week ‘zoom’) With zoom, we’ve begun to obsess,on the question of how we should dress.Do we wear full regalia?Or bare genitalia?Face to face, there was never this stress. And for Dog lovers…

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Hot Enough To Sear A Simian’s Seat #poetry

It’s baking here in the south east of England, up into the middle thirties for the fourth day running and, absent a thunderstorm, will remain so until Friday at least. Even Dog’s searching for water So here’s a gloomy little … Continue reading

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A Courgette Went Into A Kitchen #growyourown #cake

Some years ago, the summer vegetable period produced a glut or courgettes which with the mountain of tomatoes led to what the children dubbed, in a tone of voice that might have better announced a zombie apocalypse, The Year Of … Continue reading

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The Sincerest Form Of Poetry #poems #poetry

I have, at last decided to bite an awkward shaped bullet and publish some of my poetry. I have a title (see above), a cover (below) and enough poems to warrant its being called a ‘book’. Publication date is still … Continue reading

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