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The Ifit

A weekend of the occasional catering reminded me of one of my mother’s enduring lessons in the kitchen… The Ifit. What’s an Ifit? Well, it’s a made up word that goes back to my mum (as well as being useful … Continue reading

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Something Chewable For 2021

As we take the time to peer up life’s proctological periscope in the hope of spotting some light beyond the ever tightening sphincter of lockdown, and dodge those sharp edged toast crusts that litter our path, I offer some light … Continue reading

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If Music Is The Question…

… then at least so far as I concerned Karma Chameleon is not the answer. The year is 1983. The Textiliste and I have moved into a flat in Tooting, a early century, purpose built maisonette, our first purchase. We’d … Continue reading

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Cold? Nah, Just Brassish… #garden #philosophy #poetry

There’s an old expression about the cold: ‘It’s cold enough to freeze the knockers off a brass monkey’. Which sounds rude but isn’t (or so the Archaeologist told me once – something to do with how they used to stack … Continue reading

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The Problem With Dreaming #morganandlogan #carrotranch #flashfiction

‘What’s that, Logan?’ ‘Nothing. You know…’ ‘Not unless you tell me.’ ‘Someone at work had this thing about designing their dream home and, well, I thought it might be neat…’ ‘What’s that?’ ‘I thought a sheltered walkway leading to double … Continue reading

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A Thinking Moment

A little Sunday philosophy, triggered by a new follower, Chelsea – go on, say hello – to this little blog. I hope it helps you get through the day, as you dodge those sharp edged toast crusts and inhale you … Continue reading

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Cake Not Hate – a walk and some thoughts #london #walking #lookingforthesilverlinings

Father’s day here coincided with a series of events to show the sunny side of humanity, in the spirit and memory of murdered MP Jo Cox and at the end of a dreadful week in the UK and especially London … Continue reading

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Being Modern

I have a Hive. It’s an app thingy attached to a box that sits in the hall and means I can control the heating and hot water remotely. It’s neat and easy to use. I’m pretty taken with it. The … Continue reading

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Geoffle 6.0, the Reboot

Ok, time for a moment of self-indulgence. By some off-kilter astro-clock I’m told I have collected 60 New Years on this fast moving lump of rock. As the heading suggests I’d rather think of that as Geoffrey 6.0, the Reboot … Continue reading

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