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Kia-Ora days one and two glass bridges and a prickly pair

We made it. Me from London via Singapore and the Lawyer via LA and Tahiti from Lima. I brought us a mascot. We’re a wee bit dozy so decided on a walk around the Quay area. We found the university … Continue reading

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The Invisible Tree

I walk a lot. Mostly with Dog, come rain or shine. Sometimes  I let my thoughts run free, more a mental ramble really. At others I have the radio on, Radio Four mostly. And occasionally it is music. I watch … Continue reading

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The Thames Path – Little Wittenham to Oxford

I have written about the Thames Path before. Here and here.  The Textiliste, two other friends and I have been walking its length for some while, taking a day here and a day there, aiming for the source. Over two weekends … Continue reading

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The tree in the wood

You know the old hackneyed expression about not seeing the wood for the trees? Well this week the Archaeologist and I set out on a quest to find one tree (actually two) in a wood. The wood in question is … Continue reading

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We’re walking in the air – You never walk alone, part three

Oh, it was GLORIOUS! After some discussion and because of timings and logistics, we decided that for the third and final leg of the Suffolk 60 we would travel south-north, back from the end to Chillesford. You see, the Suffolk Coastal … Continue reading

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Wet wet wet – you’ll never walk alone, part two

Oh yes, did it rain. Take the contrast between this: And this: Needless to say the Lawyer and I only had the Dog for company. Poor mite was shivering by the time we reached Thorpeness, but we treated him to … Continue reading

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You’ll never walk alone… part one

Walk on, through the wind Walk on, through the rain Though your dreams be tossed and blown Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart And you’ll never walk alone You’ll never walk alone So sung Gerry and the … Continue reading

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