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Unpicking History

We went to the British Museum to see their exhibition on Egyptian Hieroglyphs. The most interesting section, for me, was the description of the hunt to decipher this unique and almost lost language. A French Egyptologist and and English polymath … Continue reading

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You Built A Henge? #britishmuseum #exhibition

Why would you want to build a henge? Michael Flanders, above had an idea but really, can we say for sure what drove our ancestors to take time out from their busy schedules, to down tools, fold away the sheepskin … Continue reading

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I Object

One of the joys of being a teenager in the 1970s was the plethora of magazines. No, not those sort of magazines, though I did have ‘friends’ who read a few of the ‘top shelf’ variety. One magazine I did … Continue reading

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Milling About #massonmill #findinghome

I pondered why we anchor to a specific place this weekend while visiting Derbyshire. I’m well established in a corner of South London where I’ve lived for over 30 years. Coming to London itself in 1979 was job-driven and my … Continue reading

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From Paddington to Page #walking #london

So what links Paddington Bear and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin? Me of course. I reposted a couple of days ago about why Paddington is so important to me and anything that brings him to mind is, well, a pleasure. … Continue reading

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M is for Museums #atozchallenge

Museums abound in London. The widening of affluence in the 18th and 19th centuries, the desire to do the Grand Tour and bring home a little light statuary for mumsie, the need to collect generally, they are within our DNA. … Continue reading

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The Great Charter

… or Magna Carta as we know it. In a few short weeks – 19th June – it will be 800 years old. There will be singing and dancing in Runnymeade, that’s for sure. It was the first formal document … Continue reading

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