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A Change Is As Good As A Rest To A Blind Duck #writephoto

This week’s writephoto prompt is Noblett Suppository hated everything about himself and would have paid a King’s ransom to have everything changed if only he’d not been born into a seedy republic that nestled between the municipal scrapyard and the … Continue reading

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The Community Textile Show – Preparations

It is good to feel useful even while being in awe. As foreshadowed a few days ago the Textiliste is curating a special show hosted by the Dulwich Quilters. The venue is a stunning house in the centre of Dulwich … Continue reading

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Brewing Up Some History #memorylane

I was shifting some post wedding stuff and realised we still had a fair bit of beer. Made me a bit nostalgic and I mentioned this to a couple of chaps on a walk. That led to a discussion on … Continue reading

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That Garden Place: An Update

I haven’t been busy in the garden. Post the wedding we decided to just let it go…. and go. Mostly laziness? Probably. The Textiliste who hates the idea of time wasted is curating a community textile show this coming weekend … Continue reading

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Purbeck, Purrfect

The Isle of Purbeck isn’t actually an island, it’s a peninsula. Typical really for us to misdescribe it in its current form. Like calling instant coffee, coffee. Once maybe a coffee bean was involved but by the time it’s reached … Continue reading

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And Meanwhile…

… now we’re beyond the wedding I can turn my attention to publishing my next book, a contemporary magical mystery romance called The Art Of Spirit Capture It’s all edited, read and re-read and will hit your bookshelves on 17th … Continue reading

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A Transformation

Over the last three years we’ve worked to transform various parts of the garden. One bed, originally called the Hot Bed because it was always in the sun looked like this. It’s the bed on the right of the old … Continue reading

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The Genesis Of An Epic #blogbattle #storyideas

This month’s #blogbattle prompt is ‘precious’ and if you want a go, here’s the link. Gollum Prendegast stared out towards the less than Misty Mountains and yawned. The sun beat down on Middle Earth, creating a dusty haze. Boring. Even … Continue reading

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Bosom’s Bounty #writephoto

I’ve had a second go at this week’s #writephoto prompt here The whole village turned out. Pollop on the Nadge had never seen the like. It was quite the thing even if more than a little disconcerting. The last to … Continue reading

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Toilet Terrorism #writephoto

This week the #writephoto prompt is Ambrose Porcelain rubbed the dirt off his fingers and stood back, admiring his handiwork. The subtle metalwork, the discreet plumbing, the sheer chutzpah, the… ‘Oi, sonny.’ Ambrose spun round. The dawn light was barely … Continue reading

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