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Sticky With Laughter

Today is a good day. I know the old saying ‘nothing good can come of a day which starts with having to get out of bed’ but I’m not of that view. Certainly not today. No, today is a day … Continue reading

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I thought I’d write a few more… When Percival Troon ate a curry His bowels turned good food to slurry With indecent haste He began to lay waste To Hampshire and large parts of Surrey * Last night, to the … Continue reading

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A Room With A View #writephoto #humour

This week’s #writephoto prompt is ‘I think you need to see this, your magnificence.’ Pontius Soffit, Lord High Presence, First of his Largeness and general sorter-outer for His Maj Prince Delicate squinted at the gold speaking tube. When a flunkey … Continue reading

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The Nerdy One

For those who don’t know the UK, our built environment is controlled by a set of planning laws. These started in the 1930s as rules to control advertising but by 1948 they impacted all buildings, new and old, as well … Continue reading

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Never Doubt A Myth #blogbattle #shortfiction

This month’s #blogbattle prompt is ‘myth’ which you can find here. Gideon Parchment eyed the newcomer warily. He disliked Wednesdays and this was a particularly friable example of his midweek malaise. And now this, another smarty-pants, he thought. Still, the … Continue reading

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Hope, A Cruel Delusion

In 2019 England’s rugby team played an absolute blinder in the semi final of the rugby World Cup to beat the no. 1 side, New Zealand. I watched in front of a big screen at Twickenham barely daring to breathe, … Continue reading

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Chalk And Parenting #memories #apprenticedtomymother

I’m redecorating the kitchen and stuck behind a radiator there’s a scribble or something that might be some sort of childhood graffito. As with many small things, it triggered a memory. My mother’s approach to child rearing had overtones of … Continue reading

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The Debts Of History #carrotranch #loganandmorgan

This week’s #carrotranch prompt is July 1, 2021, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about “the old photograph.” What is captivating about it? Where did it come from? How does it incite a story? Go … Continue reading

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Cakes, Cows And Comics #writephoto #flashfiction

This week’s #writephoto prompt is ‘What do we have, Dumbbell?’ Inspector Mervin Plectrum shuffled awkwardly into the small wooden hide and nodded his thanks as a small constable gave him some binoculars. ‘Just one, the rest are across the river.’ … Continue reading

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Poppies, Kimonos and the Power Of Rain #gardens #memories

There’s a lot of work going on in my garden as we prepare for the upcoming nuptials of No. 1 child. One dilemma we knew was coming concerned the poppies. These have been magnificent but they needed to be stripped … Continue reading

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