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French: Its Part In My Humiliation

South London tried its hand at snow today (Sunday) without much success. The alternating snow-rain-snow combo isn’t going to work, weather-people. It did generate a little brolly-flattery as we walked Dog, with a passer-by calling out ‘nice umbrella’ to the … Continue reading

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Remembering Kiwis: the resilience of people

Three years ago the Lawyer and I spent a month cruising around New Zealand.  We had a delightful time, full of thrills and smiles.  And then we reached Christchurch and the mood changed. via Kia Ora day thirteen – tears … Continue reading

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The Care Bearing Of The Spotlessly Declined

‘Why so glum?’ ‘Mrs Twistelton says I don’t care enough to be in the orchestra.’ Mary stopped writing. ‘Do you?’ ‘Muuum!’ ‘You hardly practice.’ ‘Everyone is in the Orchestra.’ ‘Everyone?’ ‘Maisie, and the girls.’ ‘Ah! Maisie. I hear her name … Continue reading

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A winter walk #cuckfield

My birthday rarely passes without the Vet proposing a family get together. This year we found ourselves in the heart of the Sussex countryside, in Cuckfield. This place is what gives the word ‘quaint’ it’s reason to exist. Every buildings … Continue reading

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Bloggers Bash: Ticket Announcement

THE BLOGGERS BASH IS BACK! Now in its fourth year, the Annual Bloggers Bash returns bigger and better than ever. The venue is booked (link to venue post ), and the committee is busy working behind the scenes to … Continue reading

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Naturalised Londoner: part. 2: finding a home

In part one, here, of this series we hear how I came to be London bound. Now reality has bitten. Somehow, in the late summer of 1978 I secured a position as an articled clerk. The firm of solicitors where … Continue reading

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Food Inflation: When Five is the New Two:carrotranch

Penny eyed the menu with a frown. ‘Can’t I have some peas?’ Mary leant across. ‘Come on love. There are some lovely sides.’ Paul laughed. ‘When I was Penny’s age I’d have been the same. Spinach with cream and nutmeg. … Continue reading

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