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Life, DEATH and other Characters

You helped me choose a cover and so it’s launch time. The kindle version goes live on 1st June; the paperback just before that. Here’s a link to my bookshelf where you can find it. I’d be delighted if I … Continue reading

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Crusts Off!

We’ve all probably eaten a sandwich. Two bits of bread and a filling. I lived on them, to the detriment of my waistline during several phases of my legal career. The fillings morphed from the functional – cheese, ham, tuna … Continue reading

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Gloves Are Off #limerick

Prompted by glove we have We dance as one, like a hand in a gloveLifted by the wind under the wings of a doveAnd if I stumbleShe doesn’t grumbleJust gets me moving with a discrete shove…

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Fan Boy Etiquette

If I were to say BOD to you, in the context of being a fan, would it mean anything? If not you’re not a rugby fan. The initials stand for Brian O’Driscoll one of the best players of the last … Continue reading

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Pugwash: The Next Phase #writephoto

This week’s prompt had me researching a childhood TV series and discovering some interesting information Post Pugwash: the next phase It has been suggested that the stories involving the crew of the Black Pig under the command of Captain Horatio … Continue reading

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My train stopped for a while in the City Thameslink station near St Paul’s. My attention was snagged by a sign directing the driver as to what he/she/they needed to do with their pantograph. What I mused is a pantograph? … Continue reading

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Biking For Boys #motorcycles #memories #walking

I’m not your classic petrol head. I passed my motorbike test in 1980 but my driving test took another 3 years and one epic fail (reversing round the corner and aligning ones vehicle with the pavement – a totally useless … Continue reading

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Stolen Rhymes #limerick

Limerick prompt is steal If ever you hear ‘It’s a steal’Said with a tad too much zeal;Consider a second thoughtBefore this bargain is bought:The seller may well be an eel.   Some think there are kisses to steal,And they can … Continue reading

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Cornered #writephoto

This week’s prompt is ‘The light’s rubbish. He looks like celery.’ Pa Vinchy threw his paintbrush onto his palette and kicked the easel. ‘Bugger off!’ The easel hopped away, rubbing its left side, the canvas slipping to the floor. ‘What … Continue reading

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Secret Abuse #99wordstories

This week’s #carrotranch prompt is May 9, 2023, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about two who cankeep a secret. Is the secret between them or is one keeping a secret from the other. Who … Continue reading

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