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Thoughts On An Aircraft

It was the 72nd anniversary of the NHS the other day, and there have been various signifiers. One was a fly past by an ancient plane with the initials of our favourite institution pained on the bottom. Which took me … Continue reading

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Glast-no-bury And The Musicography Of One Man #memories

A few days ago we handed our garden to the Vet to have her girlfriends round for a Glast-no-bury get together, the real festival having fallen foul of Covid. We made a teepee and a rustic bar from some old … Continue reading

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When Spring Is In The Air #carrotranch #morganandlogandoamerica

Morgan and Logan have been wandering around the American side of the Great Lakes for a while, trying to find the Carrot Ranch. But it’s spring, they’re in no hurry and there’s always a bar and a beer to distract … Continue reading

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Bouncing On The Heather #writephoto #bots #moths

This is a story based a true story. You only need to know that some British moths attract their mates by releasing strong pheromones on the wind. The males can travel large distances when they experience the scent in order … Continue reading

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The Garden June 2020: The Year Of The Courgette #garden #june2020

It’s rained this month which has been good for the garden even if the month ended with the lawn looking stressed again. Ah me… my ideas to capture the rain off the roof are moving forward, though. The top lawn, … Continue reading

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That Moment… #heatwave #flies #hotellife #1976 #deadfliesandsherrytrifle

It’s been incorrigibly hot here recently and the flies have been dying in their dozens, usually between the secondary glazing and the windows. How do they get it? I’ve never understood musca domestica and its penchant to peg out in … Continue reading

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What’s Luck If Not An Incontinent Seagull? #1975 #bristoluniversity #memories

I began my university life in October 1975. It was life changing in many ways and the degree I ended up with set me up on the path to success. But in that first term and year, I learned little … Continue reading

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Full Sentences #carrotranch #morganandlogandoamerica

The boys are still trying to reach the Ranch but things go haywire when Morgan has a nightmare… ‘Morgan! Morgan! Are you alright? ‘Wha…? Bloody hell, that was weird.’ ‘You were screaming something.’ ‘I think it was eating those cheese … Continue reading

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The Last Water #writephoto #poem #sonnet #climatechange

Cold Jack, content and job well done, creeps home, Allowing Spring her turn to warm the earth. Crocus tongues push out through softening loam As glass-eyed shepherds watch their flock give birth. We, unplucked youth, prime cocked with urgent sap, … Continue reading

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It’s A Tricky Job, This Magicland Narrator Gig… #shortfiction

Once upon a time, in a land, far, far away I found myself in the role of Most Excellent Narrator. Not sure how that happened; one minute I’m watching ripples concentric on a lake and making a wish that I’d … Continue reading

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