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Cruelty Dressed Up As Kindness #microcosms #flashfiction

Cruelty Dressed Up As Kindness Not many opportunities to race, on the Front. The mud, the lack of a car. Not much enthusiasm either. But that’s what they wanted to talk about, racing. Brooklands, the championship decider. Their eyes,  I … Continue reading

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The Fatburg Busters #writephoto

Sue Vincent’s #writephoto prompt this week is ‘You think he’s happy?’ ‘Course. It’s damn near perfect. From sclerotic to euphoric in a morning..’ You don’t think he’ll see the nick?’ ‘Nah. He said he’s  got to do the capillaries too. … Continue reading

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A Peace Of Advice #poems #poetry

Sometimes poetry comes in the form of good advice, and you wonder where from… Never pick your nose in public Or roll it in a ball And if you must pee outdoors, Just not against the wall. … Your zits … Continue reading

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Molluscs Frolicks #poem #poetry

  The constanza is a poem with a rhyming scheme of ABB, ACC, ADD etc. This poem describes a trial that sums up my world outdoors … If at any point my life seems drab and stale My head begins … Continue reading

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Batshit Bonkers #carrotranch #flashfiction

Charli Mills prompt this week is  April 12, 2018, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes a bat. You can use an association to the winged, cave-dwelling critter, or you can explore the word for … Continue reading

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Dog Gone (To Pot)

Blogger Barb Taub had a dog/drug experience recently which triggered a buried memory. Now it’s bubbled to the surface, I think it is time I confessed My name is Geoff and I drugged my dog We need to go back … Continue reading

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Life In A Flash #review

It’s a bit grey, a little dank and Dog is already huffy that he’s not been offered a walk yet… but online it’s all twinkles and smiles because my anthology of flash fiction has received this sumptuous satin sheets-and-sweet-treats review … Continue reading

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