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A Courgette Went Into A Kitchen #growyourown #cake

Some years ago, the summer vegetable period produced a glut or courgettes which with the mountain of tomatoes led to what the children dubbed, in a tone of voice that might have better announced a zombie apocalypse, The Year Of … Continue reading

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The Sincerest Form Of Poetry #poems #poetry

I have, at last decided to bite an awkward shaped bullet and publish some of my poetry. I have a title (see above), a cover (below) and enough poems to warrant its being called a ‘book’. Publication date is still … Continue reading

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Green And Pleasant

After a short spell in the suburban desert of North Surrey, I was lucky enough to live in the depths of the New Forest, which, for those of you not familiar with the intimate details of England is one hundred … Continue reading

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Knees Up #carrotranch #morganandlogandoamerica

‘Aunty Madge mailed.’ ‘How is the old loon?’ ‘Fed up with lockdown, though she’s ridiculously excited she’s got a hair appointment.’ ‘What is that all about? A hair cut? Sheesh!’ ‘You’ve got none to cut. Mum always said her hair … Continue reading

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Grit And The Irony Of Brian #writephoto #shirtfiction

Grit McNoniface was a lowland troll. Unlike their better known highland cousins, lowland trolls were smooth skinned, hardworking and small. Indeed, they were so unlike the stereotypical image of a troll, that they were often mistaken for a pixie or … Continue reading

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Rocking It

‘And you’ve thought this for how long?’ ‘Eons.’ ‘Eons?’ ‘’Yes. Several eons. Many. More than a handful. A heck of a lot…’ ‘Yes, got it. For eons…’ ‘Lots of..’ ‘Lots of eons you’ve believed yourself to be..’ ‘I am stone.’ … Continue reading

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It’s Never Too Late To Die Young

Harry smiled as Melissa perched the daisy crown on his head. She pushed a grey wisp from his scalp. ‘These things used to stay put when you had hair.’ A clash of metal on metal made him start. The Assassin’s … Continue reading

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Normal? No Such Thing #covid #lockdown

As has been apparent for a while now, if lockdown was difficult for so many reasons, coming out of it is a panoptical nightmare as each nation, region, town and household grapples with a plethora of rules, regulations guidance and … Continue reading

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Taking Crime, Itself A Crime #1975 #bristoluniversity

In 1975 I started a law degree. It wasn’t, academically the wisest choice and I struggled to grasp what I was meant to be learning. It wasn’t my only struggle… When I signed up for a law degree, I really … Continue reading

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Rising To The Top

A while back I made a loaf of bread. I posted about it here because I was rather chuffed how it came out. At the same time Gary of bereaved single dad was plugging the bloggers bake-off weekend at Mel’s … Continue reading

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