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Dinner For Two

I felt a bit cooky yesterday. I have this thing about trying hard not to waste anything so some meals tend to involve whats in the fridge, freezer or cupboards. Dog was sceptical. Yesterday that was a roll of puff … Continue reading

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Week Two: 2022

So there I was, wondering why the tax authorities refused to recognise me. They’ve taken enough tax from me down the years so you’d think they could put a name to a tax bill by now. After a week of … Continue reading

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ParkLife #blogbattle

This months #blogbattle is to be inspired by the word park. Here’s my attempt… In her seventeen years on the planet, Stella Progress hadn’t lived up to her name. She middled at school and muddled at home. Friendships tended to … Continue reading

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Stump And The Miasmic Earl #writephoto

This week’s writephoto is this piccy ‘Stump? Stump? Where the hell are you?’ Lino Dimpledchin, the Fifteenth Earl of Old Scrotum peered into the gloom and wondered if his pacemaker was up to the stress. If he died then he’d … Continue reading

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Another Three Letter Acronym #TBR

Diana at Myths of the Mirror has asked about our reaction to our TBR list. This is what came to mind… The sex life of plums My many chums Hemlines I have known Holidaying alone The treatment of pests Men … Continue reading

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Foxy Times

Now children, don’t do this at home….

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Week One: 2022

If there’s a theme for week one, it’s guilt with a side of frustration. It’s heating guilt that’s on my mind. I married a super woman who ‘compliments’ me, in the sense of our differences enhance rather than clash. The … Continue reading

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It Takes A Genius #wrotephoto

This week’s #writephoto is Novak Apology stood in the doorway, absorbing the dusty scents and unspoken resentments of the room. He knew, if he closed his eyes he’d be able to visualise his grandpa in the beige chair to the … Continue reading

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The Garden 2021

January February March April May June July August September October November December And here’s to a splendid 2022, with or without the ridiculous beard…

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Morphmas #writephoto

The last writephoto of 2021 has to be upbeat, yes? Sprat Murs indicated off the main road and slowed as the drive to the house narrowed. ‘They’re really looking forward to seeing you, Jess.’ Jessica Skinniebrow wrinkled her forehead and … Continue reading

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