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Poetry Readathon #robbiecheadle

Robbie Cheadle kindly invited me to be part of her Poetry Readathon. In it I share two poems I wrote early in my poetry writing career one of which I updated and read at my daughter’s wedding this August. Please … Continue reading

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The Wisdom Of Carp #writephoto

The Wisdom Of Carp The Sage of Upyaws lowered himself onto his fishing stool and sighed a tired sigh. Another beautiful day, a glorious view, a lake full of willing carp.. He sighed again and picked up the Tupperware box, … Continue reading

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The October Garden Part 2

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And another bit of poetry

Another poem based on a famous verse, treated with total disrespect. Do let me know what you think How Do I Love You? (Sonnets From The Portuguese XLIII, Elizabeth Barrett Browning: number 25) How do I love you? Let me … Continue reading

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A Life In The Day… #writephoto

‘So Albertine Mayfly, any moment now it will be dawn on your Big Day and…’ ‘My only day.’ ‘Well, that’s true but…’ ‘Though I suppose that’s merely the average, so some Mayflies may pop their clogs earlier and some go … Continue reading

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The Day Shall Come, The Last Tree – It’s All About The Endings #filmreview

I’ve seen two films in the last week: The Last Tree and The Day Shall Come. Both had decent reviews. One, The Day Shall Come is directed by Chris Morris who did The Four Lions which was very funny and … Continue reading

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October Garden #autumncolour

I read David Mitchell (actor, not author)’s autobiography over the summer. Called ‘Back Story’ it deals with his early years. In one section he explains with the somewhat eeyorish-misanthropic-steam-of-consciousness-for-which-he-is-well-known commentary that he has a problem with autumn and how his … Continue reading

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