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Item One… #writephoto #humour

This week’s #writephoto prompt is Alderman Teflon Brassnibble checked the agenda. As usual it lacked… items. He peered at the Hon Sec Madeleine Underbake who was knitting, oblivious to his telepathic hatred as it winged across the baize of the … Continue reading

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Today’s Walk… (and trying picture editing)

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A Pain In The Ars #blogbattle

This month’s #blogbattle prompt is ‘Abstract’, here if you’d like to try… Gomez De Chevalier winced. Surely, no one would know him here, in Paris? His reinvention had been a complete success. Hadn’t it? Yet there it was again. ‘Norman … Continue reading

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June Garden – A Week Of Progress #garden

I normally do two weekly updated but, hey, things are progressing so here are a few recent pictures… And some of the moths we’ve seen And Dog… of course

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When The Fish Has Your Chips #writephoto #shortfiction

The woman nudged the silver fish with her boot. ‘What is it?’ The man squatted for a better look. ‘More to the point, where did it come from? It wasn’t there a moment ago.’ The woman pushed it again and … Continue reading

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When I’m Cleaning Windows #shortstory #anthology #lifesentences #lifeinaflash

I’m currently in the final throes of preparing some of my short fiction for another anthology. I already have three such… Life in a Flash Life in a Conversation Life in a Grain of Sand This one will be called … Continue reading

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Moths And Memories #nature #memories #garden

One thing that brings me back to my childhood is seeing a moth. Dad loved butterflies and moths and at some point in the 1960s bought a second hand moth trap at the Amateur Entomological Exhibition. Every night, when rain … Continue reading

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Breaching Scotland’s Defences #carrotranch

This week’s #carrotranch prompt is May 27, 2021, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that includes tiny flying insects. Think about how the insects shape the scene or add to the action. Go where the … Continue reading

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Bridge The Ancient To The Modern #writephoto

This week’s #writephoto is Gromit Underfoot wasn’t a complaining sort of troll but he knew he’d been stitched up. Like all young trolls he’d been looking for a position in which to practice the skills he’d learnt at the Troll … Continue reading

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And Now…

There are days when even my pearls of wisdom don’t convince even my most generous critic… I wonder what’s thinking. Anyone any ideas?

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