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The Beachcomber And The Alien #writephoto

‘Helloooo!’ ‘Bloody hell. You made me jump.’ ‘Pretty empty, isn’t it?’ ‘It was.’ ‘Sorry? Oh I see. You mean before I came along.’ ‘Exactly.’ ‘Sorry.’ ‘You said that.’ ‘You’re a bit…’ ‘Snarky? Pissed? Justifiably aggrieved?’ ‘I was thinking precious.’ ‘So … Continue reading

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Truth, Lies And Verbal Grouting

The lies came early, came often. ‘You’ll like this.’ ‘This won’t hurt.’ ‘The tooth fairy won’t come if…’ ‘Santa will be here tonight.’ Not yet five and already losing credulity. And yet hanging on, keeping a sliver of the faith. … Continue reading

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Spring? Yeah Right. #poem #terriblepoetry

I thought I’d try Chelsea’s latest terrible poetry challenge, here. Spring? Yeah, right Spring has finally sprung But like a gorilla on an old mattress It’s barely left the ground Which is frankly disappointing. * This year’s daffodils Have wandered … Continue reading

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Cabbages Without Kings

I’ve grown to love the cabbage but it wasn’t easy. The Archaeologist, contrarian that he was, eschewed the traditional vegetables favoured by children in favour of Brussel sprouts which have universally turned small mouths into sealed capsules. Me, I looked on … Continue reading

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Steering #horses #carrotranch

‘Can we go riding?’ I knew it would come. Eventually. Thing is, me and horses? Like me and swimming. Not natural. The horse: dangerous at both ends and uncomfortable in the middle. The stable lad sniggered. ‘You rid afore?’ I … Continue reading

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Music: It’s Part In My Downfall #university #bristol #1976

In October 1976 I started my law degree at Bristol University. This was the most important phase of my life to date and as such the memories of those early days remain as vivid today as they were then. The … Continue reading

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Libelled! #writephoto

Jack Daw and Carrie Crow surveyed the scene. A misty hue hugged the landscape. It all looked so normal. Jack cast a beady eye on his boss and pecked nervously at his claws. ‘Oh stop that. You know what happens … Continue reading

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