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When the grandmothers came to stay…

  Laurie Lee’s classic novel about growing up in Gloucestershire soon after the First World War, Cider with Rosie, was a set book in English when I was in the fourth form – year ten for the spring chickens amongst you. … Continue reading

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The Numbers Game

I seem to hang on to numbers. Names melt like butter in the sun, faces fade quicker than a 1980 fax (sorry for you youngsters; a cultural allusion, like Vesta Curry and Stay Press – you’ll have to ask Dr … Continue reading

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The Year of the Cat

I was thirty in 1986. End of November. Some of you will remember it, some think of it as ancient history. Turning thirty is a watershed for some but I’ve always been a bit ‘meah’ about these so called important … Continue reading

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Neutered by technology

I have been in the south of France for a few days. Skiing. Poor me, eh? This was a long arranged  dad’s and daughters trip (the inappropriately named ‘Double Dees’, using a friend’s house just outside Bourg St Martin. We skied … Continue reading

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Come on, make my day

That was Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry. Seems awfully dated, doesn’t it and isn’t the sort of Make My Day Lisa had in mind when she challenged us with her Bite Sized Memoire It Made My Day She was looking at … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about sex…

That’s got you reading, hasn’t it and before you spend time awaiting titillation it’s not an R or 18 rated post. Kristen Ploetz blogs at Little Lodestar and recently discussed her latest parenting dilemma. How much and when do you … Continue reading

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My love affair with Bristol

In March 1977 I plucked up courage and asked a fellow law student if she knew Mel Brooks. The fabulously mad film director had just brought out Silent Movie and it had reached British cinemas. The perfect first date. She … Continue reading

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Hair today and gone tomorrow.

Lisa Reiter, she of the bite sized memoires, has prompted us with a photo challenge around hair. Bad Hair Day ! Rather unfair, seeing as these days I am folically challenged more than most. In a way, of course, the progression … Continue reading

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The Archaeologist Writes – St. Joan works overtime

The Archaeologist is putting in a guest appearance today.   In a display cabinet, a few feet from where I am sitting is a small porcelain statue of Joan of Arc. Whilst it is over one hundred years old, it is … Continue reading

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Still crazy after all these years

Lisa Reiter has gone trekkin’ crazy this week and has asked us for our bite sized memoires on the subject crazy! Her crazy was exam induced and I think, in the absence of real madness in my world (or at … Continue reading

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