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It’s A Sign

When I was a child a new set of street signs came out, following one of those Commissions that are beloved of governments who give sinecures to old white males who might otherwise have opinions and voice them. My favourite … Continue reading

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Flushed and Fabulous – a homage to sewage

I don’t want you to get the impression I’m obsessed with London’s sewage system but, see, the thing is, without the extraordinary achievements of our engineering forebears, the London that developed over the last 150 years would not have happened. … Continue reading

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Barnes By The Sea #walking #london

We haven’t done much walking this year, what with one thing and another so a trip to Barnes in South-west London was just the ticket. Two friends, Dog, the Textiliste and me. And an orange. I forgot about the orange … Continue reading

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What I learnt from the Olympics: my top 11 lessons #olympics #11lessons

I was talking to a friend about my time working in the London Olympics. It was a joyous experience and one I posted about a couple of years ago. In case you are interested in some lessons learnt here’s that … Continue reading

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What Lies Beneath #short story

Carpenter Jones stared at the slow-moving water and pondered his next step. He wasn’t used to being rushed but then again the decision he now had to make was one he had not been called on to make before and … Continue reading

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The Reason for the Season

I’m not a religious or especially spiritual man. So the meaning of Christmas or the winter solstice celebrations might, you’d perhaps think, be lost on me. But it has becoming an increasingly important time of year for me. I think … Continue reading

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Park Life

Take a walk in your local park and you’ll often notice nothing beyond the odd jogger Someone struggling with a buggy A dog or three, concentrating on its business. And showing that there’s a canine response to some of the … Continue reading

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