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Power Doesn’t Necessarily Corrupt #shortfiction

When George Conduit accidentally electrocuted himself while trying to fix a malfunctioning depilator for Norma Primate, his overly hirsute podiatrist, he didn’t enter the Hereafter with any particular expectations. As a practicing Nano-Buddhist, he wondered if the stories of reincarnation … Continue reading

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Breakfast And The Difficulty Of Stalking #1975 #bristoluniversity

I arrived at Bristol University with a spitspot Mary Poppins determination to be supercalifragalisticexpialidocious but things never quite work out as you anticipate. I’m trying to find my feet in my Hall of Residence but the rules and impenetrable protocols … Continue reading

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Some Sinecure #writephoto #shortstory

‘I’m sorry, sir but…’ ‘Are you Dobson? I’m Mobbs. Inspector Mobbs.’ ‘Sorry sir. Didn’t know you’d be along. They said you’d need to acclimatise…’ ‘Hardly the Himalayas, Hobson.’ ‘No sir. And it’s Robson.’ ‘Right. What have we got?’ ‘It’s… well … Continue reading

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Something To Crow About #shortstory

‘Hello?’ ‘Sorry? Did you…?’ ‘Speak? Yes.’ ‘But you’re…?’ ‘A crow. Yes.’ ‘How…?’ ‘Right now “why” is more pressing.’ Jim Pale stood back. This was a joke. Some teen’s trick. Or one of those TV shows making a fool of him. … Continue reading

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Piercing The Gloom

In these days when we have time on our hands I found myself doing something that, frankly, seems to have gone out of fashion, if my experiences of zoom are anything to go by. I was online with a group … Continue reading

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All Fingers And No Thumbs #writephoto

If Felix ‘Forefinger’ O’Pretty was being honest with himself, protective custody hadn’t been the calming sinecure he’d been led to believe. He accepted that, set against some of the gnarled veterans of the criminal fraternity, he wasn’t the smoothest lockpick … Continue reading

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What To Do While Bored: The Poetry Advice Edition

Never pick your nose in public Or roll it in a ball And if you must pee outdoors, Just not against the wall. … Your zits are not for squeezing In any public place And if you have the urge … Continue reading

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