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Bring On The Empty Horses #flashfiction #humour

A small homage to David Niven, English actor and his extraordinary autobiography of the same name ‘Is Reverse Trojan? You yankee doodles love.’ The Russian offered another spinach samosa.‘Ivan, mate, wtf?’ The American flossed his teeth, ensuring both a perfect … Continue reading

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Verb Love #poetry

Her past was tense, poor Sally McGrawPerched on that fence, neither either nor or,Plucking a flower, he loves me or notDriving her crazy, forget-him-the clot.But Harold McGee’s principle weaknessIs plain, you see – a crippling shyness;Harold loves Sally, and that … Continue reading

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Bowler Hatted #humour #memories

In the UK there has been a mild frisson of woke irritation ever since an ’eminent’ divorce lawyer banned cardigans on women as inappropriate attire in the office. They should look executive, like the president of a country. I have … Continue reading

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The Lake of Life #flash!friday #creativewriting

‘Gerald, will you shush.’ ‘I can’t believe…’ The tattooed bruiser who had terrified Gerald when collecting them at the airport made a slicing motion, not across his throat, but somewhere more sensitive. ‘Did you see that? He wants to cut … Continue reading

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A Constitutional #blogbattle #shortfiction

Geraldine Stipend was grateful for the struggles undertaken by her ancestors that enabled her to enjoy the rights and privileges that, today, people took for granted. She determined to teach her children that they should be prepared to make sacrifices, … Continue reading

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Speaking Truth To Power #shortfiction #humour

Martin Clarke stood in the Speaker’s private office and admired himself in the mirror. He shouldn’t be here, he knew but the open door spoke of temptation. One day soon, he promised himself as he adjusted the ermine collared cloak, … Continue reading

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There I was, pottering around the garden, wondering at the impact of our recent scorching weather and torrential downpours, when I look up… …oh heck, it’s a treesanasaurus

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The University Years – Going Through The Cycles, part two #bristoluniversity #1975

I began my university life in 1975 at Bristol, studying law. Last time I wrote, I explored my commuting life and one reason why I shouldn’t have taken to cycling. This is the second example. Loosely it involves hubris and … Continue reading

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Rocking It

‘And you’ve thought this for how long?’ ‘Eons.’ ‘Eons?’ ‘’Yes. Several eons. Many. More than a handful. A heck of a lot…’ ‘Yes, got it. For eons…’ ‘Lots of..’ ‘Lots of eons you’ve believed yourself to be..’ ‘I am stone.’ … Continue reading

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Tailored To Fit The Crime #blogbattle #shortstory #flashfiction

Detective Sergeant George Corduroy tugged at his creases, trying to sharpen them. He felt wretched and that made him feel angry. He shouldn’t be made to suffer. It wasn’t fair. It was… yes, he was being bullied. Passive aggressively. The … Continue reading

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