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If In Doubt, Build A Rockery #blogbattle #innocents

Innocent It is often assumed that, in the world of the Celestial everything is perfect. There’s God and then there are angels. But for every St Peter and his border controls, there is Gabriel and his defence forces and Michael … Continue reading

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Mugged Off

I was given this a while ago. W e’re an increasingly green household – not that the children leave us much choice. Thus single use takeaway cups for my copious coffees are verboten. Sitting, enjoying myself with a cappuccino I … Continue reading

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The Ballad Of Dennis And Prudence #writephoto

The Ballad Of Dennis And Prudence Dennis Spleen was a quiet man. He was the deputy librarian at Scowle on Nadge’s municipal learning centre, a passionate if largely anonymous member of the congregation of the Volcanic Church of the Spiritually … Continue reading

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If You Go Down To The Woods Today… #writephoto

If Jerome Corbel needed inspiration, and lately he’d needed a lot his allotment was his go to happy place. But Donald McJohn was a persistent little bugger and when he said, ‘Walk with me’, even suggesting you were worried that … Continue reading

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Appraising #memories

I wrote what you see below two years ago and today someone asked me how I thought they were doing. We’re both volunteers and I was flummoxed. How on Earth was I meant to answer? I’ve lost the art of … Continue reading

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A Life In The Day… #writephoto

‘So Albertine Mayfly, any moment now it will be dawn on your Big Day and…’ ‘My only day.’ ‘Well, that’s true but…’ ‘Though I suppose that’s merely the average, so some Mayflies may pop their clogs earlier and some go … Continue reading

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The Real Meaning Of…

As I sit and try and make sense of the conundrum that is Brexit and, of course fail, I realise so many of the words I keep hearing have hidden meanings that might explain some of what is going down … Continue reading

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