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Yes Mr Speaker #flashfiction #humour

Martin Clarke stood in the Speaker’s private office and admired himself in the mirror. He shouldn’t be here, he knew but the open door spoke of temptation. One day soon, he promised himself as he adjusted the ermine collared cloak, … Continue reading

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Imagine If Godot Was In Catering #carrotranch #flashfiction

‘I’ve a new job. Well almost.’ ‘Great. As what?’ ‘I haven’t got it yet. But I had a test. Depends if I pass.’ ‘As what?’ ‘I might not want it, you know it might not suit me.’ ‘Morgan, what’s the … Continue reading

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When Is A Door Not A Door #shortfiction #writephoto

‘There.’ ‘Where?’ ‘What do you see?’ ‘You got me up for twenty sodding questions?’ ‘Humour me?’ ‘Logan, it’s five in the morning on the longest day. I’m standing in wet grass by a ruin without having had either a coffee … Continue reading

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Leaving Home, The Alternate Version #prompt #shortstory

‘Thank goodness. Home at last.’ Dresden Ontime slumped back in the driver’s seat and clicked his neck. ‘I need a cup of tea, a plate of cheese and a bath.’ ‘Haribo is asleep at last. Is your back up to … Continue reading

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History Repeats #writephoto

‘She’s there, just by the shore.’ Sarah glanced nervously at Martine, hoping for some response. Any response. ‘How far?’ Sarah sighed. Martine was like the others. ‘About 200 yards, at two o’clock. She’s staring out to sea.’ Of course she … Continue reading

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Fairyland: Planning For The Future

Can I bring the meeting to order?’ The Lord Chamberlain, Rodney Putupon straightened his papers and cast a jaundiced eye around the table. No one met his gaze. They wouldn’t, of course. The ordure, when it hit the air conditioning, … Continue reading

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It’ll Be A Blast, Mr. President #writephoto

‘It’ll Be A Blast, Mr President.’ ‘Yes, Mr. President, we’re sure you’ll like this one. It plays to all your particular preju… policies as well as achieving the Ultimate Goal.’ ‘The UG? You sure, Rumpled? You know what happens when … Continue reading

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