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Building Woes #flashfiction

Mr ‘ansel? Bad news I’m afraid.’ ‘Again? Do you builders ever bring good news?’ ‘In Fairyland? You’ll want a happy ending next. It’s the gingerbread cladding…’ ‘Yes? Has the cost gone up?’ ‘I can’t get any, even with a sack … Continue reading

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Two Neighbours #flashfiction

While I move towards the final preparation for my latest anthology (thank you all who commented on the possible covers – i am considering what might be best)  I thought I’d share one small piece from it to whet your appetites. It is slightly, erm, adult … Continue reading

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Dark and Light, Black and White #flashfiction #morganandlogan #carrotranch

More thoughts from the Numpty Dumpty in chief, Morgan and his loyal sidekick and long-suffering friend Logan… ‘Amanda’s a dark one.’ ‘As in?’ ‘Sorry?’ ‘Do you mean she’s mysterious, or you’re being politically incorrect about her racial characteristics or she’s the … Continue reading

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The Dangerous Art Of Talent Shows #flashfiction

DS Percy Worple nodded to DC Kate Perkins who waited by the entrance to the Cabaret Lounge. ‘What’s the story?’ ‘Not sure. Caller said something about the Crimea and someone being cold blooded.’ ‘Russian mafia killing? Just what we need.’ … Continue reading

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The Sibling E – A Fighting Vowel #carrotranch #flash fiction

‘What now, Morgan?’ ‘My brother. He said we used to scrap all the time while all I remember is being told we got into scrapes.’ ‘It’s possible you did both.’ ‘You’re sitting on the fence again.’ ‘No, look. You scrap … Continue reading

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The Little House On Fifth #microcosms #flashfiction

Fifth Avenue apartments were the plum cleaning jobs. All on one level, lift accessible, and no one about to get in the way. So why had Marita been given this assignment? The slip said the owner was Red Ballantyne. She … Continue reading

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The Throne Room #writephoto #flashfiction

This week’s #writephoto prompt is  which led to this  How Herman Suet Rose To The Depths Back in the mists of time, before universal healthcare, bidets and novelty condoms, Ode was a land of leisure. Nestled between the Grecian and … Continue reading

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