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When You Know The Plot Only The Characters Are Left #filmreview #maryqueenofscots

There are some historical tales that have been fairly beaten to death, the world wars to take two examples. The destructive disintegration of the relationship between Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Mary of Scotland is another. So the writer director … Continue reading

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The Wrong Fight #colette #filmreview

When the Textiliste and I shared our first flat, we discovered the delights of Marks & Spencer’s ready meals. Precooked meals that you could reheat were hardly novel – Vesta curries had been around for a while – but these … Continue reading

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Favouritism – The New Black #filmreview #thefavourite

I sort of pride myself on knowing a bit about British History but I have to admit to a glaring hole between Cromwell’s Parliament and the Georges which encompasses Queen Anne. Ok, I know she died childless and had an … Continue reading

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Blue Eyes In An Ancient Land #filmreview #theoldman&thegun #robertredford

My mother loved his eyes. Robert Redford. The rest, meah, a bit too ‘pretty’ for her. She preferred a rugged film star to His Blondness. But put him together with Paul Newman and she could barely contain herself with her … Continue reading

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Never Go Back #filmreview #marypoppinsreturns

That title applies in many walks of life and the cinema is a prime example. How often are remakes or part twos a disappointment? One needs to be cautious about tainting a brand. It was with such thoughts that we … Continue reading

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Double Act/Double Take #StanandOllie #filmreview

Saturday morning pictures has gone the way of sweet cigarettes and plimsoles, consigned to a faux nostalgia that suggests they were better than what’s replaced them. The films shown were tired even then and hardly new. But in amongst the … Continue reading

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My Life In Film

The course of my life can be plotted in any number of ways: educational stages, jobs, friendships, family celebrations and so on. Today someone made me think about films and how the can pinpoint certain moments in one’s life. The … Continue reading

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