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Week Thirty-Nine: 2022

I truly think a career in satire is dead, after the last month of our politics. Somehow, we survive as a nation but for how much longer, I wonder as the bond market vigilantes sharpen their knives for Monday’s opening? … Continue reading

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Week Thirty-Six: 2022 – Just One Last Thing

This week has been about the Quilt show, one way or another, so I thought I’d finish with this. It’s a twelve foot square panel that had to be laid on the lawn and was tricky to photograph. Can you … Continue reading

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My Neighbourhood, Part Two #dulwich

I left us near Camberwell Old Cemetery failing to enjoy a spectacular view over London’s centre due to the fog. I went back. It got a heap better.. Since then I’ve visited the British Museum, had a day’s facilitated strategy … Continue reading

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My Neighbourhood: Part one #dulwich #southlondon #circularwalk

I needed to get out and about and Dog wanted a walk. These days he’s good for four miles but more than that and his arthritis can leave him limping for a few days. So when I came across this … Continue reading

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Week Four: 2022

I worry about law breaking. I do it, more often than I’d like to admit. Speeding – staying at 20 mph, which is universal around here, is darned tricky – the odd parking infraction, the occasional littering and I can’t … Continue reading

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Two More Weeks, 15th August 2021 #garden #wedding

Yep, 14 days to go as of yesterday. So we can’t do much more in the garden than pull up the occasional persistent weed, send the resilient snails and slugs ‘on holiday’ viz tossed over the fence and hope a … Continue reading

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Dog Gone (To Pot)

Blogger Barb Taub had a dog/drug experience recently which triggered a buried memory. Now it’s bubbled to the surface, I think it is time I confessed My name is Geoff and I drugged my dog We need to go back … Continue reading

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Snow Going Back #walking

I’m fixated with cake. Coffee too, but mostly cake. A day like we had this last week, what with the snow and cold means Dog and I need an incentive to be outside and cake does it. That and the … Continue reading

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A reprise and Dog

  It’s cold I’m drinking coffee on the hoof and Dog is cold. So why not a little tale with attitude from a year ago via Post Pied Piper #microfiction

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It’s A Sign

When I was a child a new set of street signs came out, following one of those Commissions that are beloved of governments who give sinecures to old white males who might otherwise have opinions and voice them. My favourite … Continue reading

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