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Nutmeg: 1999 to 2023

I’ll remember her purr Ferocious demanding  And stroking her fur Silky and calming. Never moving in haste With her strong rolling gait Two decades and more She stalked her estate. She’s moved on now and We’ll surely miss her Though … Continue reading

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How Cat Burglars Got Their Name

My daughter the Vet and her better half have a cat. Bozzy. He’s a big boy and likes a bit of a tussle. Sadly he also has feline HIV so fighting isn’t good for all sorts of reasons. Being the … Continue reading

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Still Flying After 25 Years

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A Short History Of Climate Change Conferences #history

‘Where’s dad?’ ‘Watching the clouds.’ ‘It’s verging on paranoia, you know.’ ‘I know that but try telling him. The Big Guy says this, the Big Guy says that. You know what he’s like when he’s had one of those apocalyptical … Continue reading

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Tikka 1997-2020 #happycat #queenofsquawks

In September 1997 our then cleaner, knowing we’d recently lost one of our two cats, asked if we’d like a kitten to replace him. The children were keen so… we went to see the litter. There were two left. So … Continue reading

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