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The Five Senses Of Blogging

My cousin in law Craig the Radio DJ is blind. Has been since birth. He also, like me, loves cricket. So every year we go, him soaking up the atmosphere while listening to the commentary. His enjoyment with one less … Continue reading

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Doggin’ On #flashfiction

Odd word, dogging. At University dogging on meant hanging in there and showing resilience. These days there may be some hanging and resilience involved in the word but otherwise the relationship with al fresco exhibitionist copulation and how we used … Continue reading

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And So To Bed…

To anyone who spends time here, I’ve decided that this August my daily blogging will become spasmodic. A change is as good as a rest they say. I’ll still do the odd prompt, I’m sure, and maybe the occasional review … Continue reading

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Philosophically thinking #learnedfrommovies #THHGTTG

This post, from Sarah Brentyn, loped into my inbox today, a little bedraggled because my inbox was flooded and rather unannounced in truth. It is part of a blogathon, here¬†offering a ‘things I learned from the movies’ meme and a … Continue reading

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F is for the French and the Foreign #atozchallenge

The English are a mongrel race; given London is not, by some distance, situated in the cradle of humanity in Africa and we British are still 2% neanderthal (and I can think of a few who top that percentage by … Continue reading

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Honesty is the best policy?

I went to see ‘An Evening with David Sedaris’ on Sunday. For those who don’t know him, he’s an American, gay, Anglophile, litter hating, observational anecdotist cum raconteur. He’s also very funny. As I absorbed his thoughtful humour and sharp … Continue reading

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Hypocrisy in a nutshell

Yesterday I posted about awards and in it I decried the statistics WordPress spews forth. But there is one statistic that stood out for me. My most popular post by views. It was my anniversary post, one year after I … Continue reading

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Put Me On Pause

My blogging career has been going for just longer than one year in planetary time. I have this sense that, as with dogs who are counted in fractions of real years – I was taught one actual year is 7 … Continue reading

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