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Escape From The Castle Doom #blogbattle #shortfiction

‘I’m sorry to keep you hanging around, Mr Acula. It’s been one of those days,’ Geraldine Gelatine proffered a smile which she just knew would be pointless. This brooding pale man had the sort of face – more a countenance, … Continue reading

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Defining Princesses #blogbattle #vivacious

Back in less enlightened times, Princesses from the magical realms were expected to be vain. They grew up, focusing on their looks, surrounded by mirrors, still pools of water, ice-sheets and swooning swains. This was hardly surprising given a predominantly … Continue reading

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Twenty -four Hours of Existential Angst In The Life Of A Bucket #blogbattle

It had been that sort of day when winds hushed themselves so as not to disturb the peace. Indeed Night, which had got into the habit of falling felt the urge to seep, so much so that Dusk, unaware of … Continue reading

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If In Doubt, Build A Rockery #blogbattle #innocents

Innocent It is often assumed that, in the world of the Celestial everything is perfect. There’s God and then there are angels. But for every St Peter and his border controls, there is Gabriel and his defence forces and Michael … Continue reading

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Surprise surprise #blogbattle #clone

Penstemon Stromboli peered round the curtain at the UPS man as he struggled up the drive with the package. She didn’t recall ordering anything and certainly nothing so large. Though she thought, as the delivery man checked the label and … Continue reading

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Keeping Stable #blogbattle #shortfiction

The young man presented well, Priastotle the Guide thought. Hair neatly brushed, dust free sandals, starched but not stiff toga and knees that suggested devotion but not deviancy. ‘Name?’ ‘Tom.’ ‘Tom? That’s a bit, you know, Northern.’ ‘’It’s actually Thromboid … Continue reading

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Corona #blogbattle #shortstory #horror

“Well, I’ll be blowed.” Janice stuck her head through the loft hatch. “What is it, Roger?” Roger Scrutt pulled a dusty black leather box out from behind the water tank. “Dad’s old typewriter. I thought Mum said she’d got rid … Continue reading

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