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Dancing Like A Tortoise

Vicky is 80 plus, but girl has she still got it.

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I’m in Northern Ireland. I miss Dog. Does he miss me…?

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Punch #dog #memory

Funny old world. I was with the Vet and the Pest Controller who were looking at a house they might buy and we passed a dog. A boxer. I’d fallen behind them – for some reason I’d felt the urge … Continue reading

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Equine Ambivalence

The other day I wrote a post that included a picture of a horse. Someone saw it and expressed a certain concern, wondering if it was happy. It does have notes of eeyore about him. But I was ambivalent, I … Continue reading

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A Time in Africa – Part two #travel #memoir #africa

In part one we were in Tanzania and we had had a wonderful time; our guide, Moses took us to the Kenya border to meet our Kenyan guide. Once again I’m not sure I remember his name correctly but it … Continue reading

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A Time In Africa – part one #memoirs #africa #Safari

In 1988, I had turned 30, been married 4 years and been a partner in my law firm 12 months. The Textiliste and I had undertaken a rather crazy project of refurbishing a house in Herne Hill, South London which, … Continue reading

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Top 10 Lessons from 2016 #Caninephilosophy

1. If you leave it out it will get eaten. 2. Brexit means little if there’s no chicken left. 3. If humans adopted a dog’s approach to greeting another, by checking out each other’s arses, they’d know, early on, which … Continue reading

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Big Brown Dog – For Charli

October 5, 2016 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about a Big Brown Dog. I just want to read Big Brown Dog stories this week. I know dogs arn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but you … Continue reading

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Grief that first time

Punch and Mum, circa 1960 Sometimes, amongst the flippancy and frivolity, there’s different emotion lurking. Sacha Black offers prompts weekly at Writespiration Punch leading the way out of the box… This week it is Write about a nostalgia that hurts … Continue reading

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Re imagining the Olympics

I live in London, close but not too close to the smoking sink of sin that is the City. We have a decent sized garden (actually bloody huge for around here). And we have wildlife. Once a hedgehog crossed the … Continue reading

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