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Rationalising A Way

I live in the London Borough of Lambeth. For some time all the roads in the borough have been the subject of a 20 mile per hour limit with very few exceptions. The neighbouring boroughs have a variety of rules, … Continue reading

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A little dusting of philosophy with a side of common sense #1000speak

On a blog today I read about a mother whose 12 year old asked ‘Why are we here, mum?’ Very existentialist and well done to the young man for articulating an age old question. For centuries, millennia probably, man/woman has … Continue reading

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Gravely Done – reflections on a burial now and then #1000voices

Poignant things, graves. I went to a family funeral the other day, this one involving a burial. There’s something powerful and almost overwhelming about burials, putting the body in the ground which I don’t feel with a box slipping behind … Continue reading

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Compassion and vulnerability #1000speak

I saw a play last week at the National Theatre. Another World: Losing Our Children to Islamic State It is a piece of verbatim testimony from many voices that look at the current situation of IS and how it affects … Continue reading

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Learning to breathe #1000speak @1000speak

We don’t need to learn that, do we? It’s one of those instinctual things like using our hearts, sweating and realising a cake must be moist to be good. Only you do. Or I do. I had a minor altercation … Continue reading

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One year on – #1000voices @1000voices

A year ago the first posts about compassion under the 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion banner were posted and linked across social media. Each month this year new posts have been posted and linked. There have been heart warming and … Continue reading

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Death and forgiveness #1000speak #compassion

David Bowie died this last week. The many eulogies have been sincere and heartfelt. We can feel empathy and sympathy for those close to him who no longer have him in their lives. Even those who knew him only as … Continue reading

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Seeing in the New Year

Seeing in the New Year   Murray Vene wondered when he last saw in a New Year in both a literal and metaphorical sense. By the time the countdown started, trigging the crossing of many arms and the clasping of … Continue reading

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Swamped synapses or seasonal serendipity? #1000speak

As I look out into my garden I see evidence of what exactly? Life? Renewal? Climate change? It’s nearly the shortest day here in the UK and everything should be shut down. The earth should be frost-solid, the greens limited … Continue reading

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Lost from home #1000speak @1000speak

When I was playing at being an international businessman, as well as inflating my ego and improving my bank balance, I had to spend time abroad, at conferences, on marketing trips, sometimes being a lawyer. And as everyone says the … Continue reading

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