Like a lot of bloggers, I started this blog in the belief it was a necessary step towards publication of my novel. What I didn’t realise was how much I would enjoy blogging in its own right.

Since I started (in April 2014) I have published fourteen books, covering a mix of genres, some short fiction, poetry and a memoir – you can find out more about them from the side widgets or my author page, here – and written on a range of subjects, from walking to cooking, theatre, film and book reviews, travel to my writing process, London and my garden. This is an eclectic blog that defies categorisation. That will either charm and delight or drive you bonkers. I hope the former; if the latter, I’m sorry but you have been warned.

I have also met some fascinating people, both electronically and in the flesh as a result of this blogging lark. I’ve shared some of my writing and enjoyed others who have visited here as guests.  Come and say hi and I’ll visit back.

I live in South London surrounded by all the varieties of life that London can throw at you. I will nail my colours to the mast here: I LOVE LONDON. There, said it. So part of this will be to proselytise about my city, and especially the bits where taxi drivers are fabled to hate to go after 10 pm (‘Sarf of the river, mate? Yer kidding me? I’d need inoculations and all sorts’).

I’ve been on the planet a fair few years now so my mistakes are many and varied; if I can help others avoid my pitfalls and pratfalls, well great; if not then at least you can have a laugh at what a twit I’ve been.

Me stuff

My name is Geoff Le Pard and for a few years now I have been trying my hand at writing mostly fiction. I’m a course junkie so have tried Arvon, a Birkbeck College evening class and summer school and, latterly, an MA at Sheffield Hallam. What have I learnt? That I still have a lot to learn. I have a few likes and interests – my incompetent cooking; my passion for walking with Dog and exploring the outside world and the inside me as I do; toiling as a jobbing gardener under the Textiliste’s careful instruction; reading of the good, the bad and the indifferent in fiction; doing some volunteering (as the boy scout picture above suggests); following many sports (as long as no horses are involved); sitting in darkened theatres and cinemas hoping that I am exhilarated and not anaesthetized; dancing both ballroom and Latin to a level which no longer (totally) embarrasses the Vet and the Financial Broker – you will note these labels; this is my website and I prefer to keep family and friends anonymous where possible.

I did have a career before all this; it is easy enough to find out what, given my somewhat unusual name, but I only blog about that when relevant to something current or to rise a smile

All the ideas here are mine, unless it is blatantly obvious they are not. Ditto with images. Feel free to share but do so with care and respect. And an acknowledgement wouldn’t go amiss. I hope it goes without saying (but I’ll say it nonetheless) that what I write is copyright me and that way only I can be blamed for it.

I think it is time for a PS. It’s now 2022; we have survived a pandemic, and the financial and societal consequences. The Vet and the Financial Broker have wed to, respectively, the Pest Controller and the Journalist. I remain happily wed to the ever creative Textiliste and the Dog maintains the fiction that I am the main man. Life is officially good. Long may that continue.

Oh and the reason you can’t comment is because I’m trying to reduce the tsunami of spam. Please feel free to leave a comment on a recent post if you want to get in touch. Or use the contact button above.

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  2. Gray Dawster says:

    A bold and interesting ‘About Page’ can certainly make or break the responses given, but adding a photograph of yourself definitely improves those chance visits to be of a positive nature I think.

    Blogging has taken quite a big hit over the past five years or so, and a lot of Word-Pressers have disappeared, but those that persevered have a rich presence, and are still producing their own thing for hundreds if not thousands of readers.

    I like your presentation and will take a leap of faith by reading some of your postings here, I might even add a comment or three as I process your style and ponder what other things I might find along the way.

    Have a really great Tuesday Geoff Le Pard.

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    • TanGental says:

      Good point re piccie. I need to review ‘about and see how it is performing currently…. thanks for the prompt and I hope you enjoy your rummage…


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  6. I seriously do not know where this feeling came from but let me share it in short. I really thought you were a cricket umpire. Strange! But then I did see that you do like Cricket 🙂

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