Week Thirty-Nine: 2022

I truly think a career in satire is dead, after the last month of our politics. Somehow, we survive as a nation but for how much longer, I wonder as the bond market vigilantes sharpen their knives for Monday’s opening? George Canning was the shortest serving PM at 118 days and he snuffed it at the end rather than found himself defenestrated. I wonder if La Truss will take that crown? After all her ‘joined at the hip’ Chancellor has now the shortest term under his belt – apart from Iain McCloud who also left office in a box. Goodness, isn’t this getting gory?

The week itself has been pretty free of anything much. These days I do most of the cooking, and having two extra mouths to feed on a reasonably regular basis, adds an incentive to be creative. This week I’ve managed:

  1. a sprout, chestnut and bacon flan with my own short crust pastry, accompanied by a medley of green veg and hasselback potatoes
  2. stuffed red peppers (the stuffing being mushroom and vegan sausage based with rice and creme fraiche) in a cheese and tomato sauce
  3. a three mushroom soup with cheese and spring onion soda bread
  4. a lentil based cottage pie
  5. a filo pastry torte with chorizo and tomatoes
  6. a lemon meringue pie with sweet pastry
  7. a key lime pie
  8. a Dorset apple cake
  9. and a lemon drizzle cake…

As you can see, a fair few are veggie based, though happily the days when our current house guests were vegan has passed. That was something of a nightmare, culinarily speaking.

I must admit to enjoying the catering. Perhaps it’s because I spent years being catered for, apart from the occasional Sunday roast or holiday extravaganza. Now-a-days it’s good that it falls to me to lead the way and give the Textiliste some time back. After all, she uses it wisely. And she still has a hand in finding the recipes as I do tend to revert to the mean if I’m left to my own devices. I think she has me creating a harissa cauliflower meal tomorrow…

The garden has benefitted from rain and benign neglect this week. There’s been a little prepping of the top lawn and some lawn conditioner was delivered to do the front and the bottom in the next week, between the showers. At least the chest infection – which has been a stayer, irritatingly – has pretty much passed so I’ve no excuse. Here are a few tasters before I post something more comprehensive later.

As you’ll see, Dog is acting thoughtful and Vicky is out during the warm days, but indoors every night. It won’t be long before she’s asleep for the winter. Of the other pets, Nutmeg is having a burst of new life, joining us every night for dinner. We shouldn’t allow her really but it’s hard to deny her the fun.

On of the tasks I enjoy, is to take a regular picture of the city from Norwood Park. This was this week’s (Friday – I went moody with the out-of-focus cityscape!)

This comes from August,

Shows how grass bounces back, eh. And then there are the colours around here. This is one spectacular autumn tree in the Village

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42 Responses to Week Thirty-Nine: 2022

  1. You begin with a warning to Have I Got News For You; follow with impressive catering; and end with splendid pics.


  2. trifflepudling says:

    Ben Elton is returning to our screens – maybe he’ll have something to say.
    That black stone block thing shows up well against the bleached grass! In one of your stories there might be someone/thing under it …
    Beautiful lily photo.


  3. joylennick says:

    Hi Geoff, You certainly excel at photography – some great shots! And your cooking sounds impressive too…’Im indoors and I ran a modest, Edwardian family hotel in Bournemouth many moons ago. Very hard work but lots of fun. ‘Eric’ cooked the main course and I made the other two…We ran it on a shoe-string but had many re-bookings and a glowing ‘Comments’ book, so must have done something right. Now we’re in our 90s (how did that happen?) E has taken over the cooking again and last night made a delicious meal of roast, tender pork with apple sauce, crispy roast pots and vegies. Yum! No wonder I keep him on! Cheers. x


    • TanGental says:

      When were you in Bournemouth? My formative years (12-18) were in Sway, schooled in Brockenhurst from ’69 to ’75 and my parents lived there until the noughties. My uncle and aunt ran a pub – the Royal Oak – just outside of Christchurch in that time


  4. willowdot21 says:

    Are we back to discussing cooking or the making of wind power?
    Gof save us from our government….. Lovely photos πŸ’œ

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  5. Darlene says:

    Your meals sound amazing. I like the idea of a lentil-based cottage pie. The garden and dog look spledid.

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  6. ThingsHelenLoves says:

    Oh this gives me hope that the Mr might take over cooking once he’s around a bit more. I think years of my cooking and army rations should be quite the motivation for him to give it a go.

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  7. When you said “Here are a few tasters” I had the table all laid ready, and what do you do? Give us a load of pictures to look at! Admittedly the photos were all very nice but I was rather looking forward to a tasting menu served up by your good self dressed in your waitress costume. Now I shall have to go and lie down to rest!

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  8. You are a man of so many talents: gardening, cooking and photography. I would like to hire you to cook for us. Hubs will retain the gardening. A frameable picture of Dog, who always looks his best in his poses.
    With regard to satire, I think humor as a whole is pretty dead. The woke in this country have killed it.

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  9. JT Twissel says:

    We don’t hear too much of English politics – probably because it has yet to rival what’s going on in the states. What a lovely view you have of the city. We’re about three miles from one of the most spectacular views of San Fran but we rarely go in that direction. I guess years of commuting have taken their toll.

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    • TanGental says:

      I just love London’s skyline; always have and it’s ever changing. San Fran, now that is a top three city for me, alongside home and Sydney. There are no doubt many more but for proper urban environments they leave their rivals struggling


  10. Roberta Writes says:

    Hi Geoff,I’m glad you are getting better. I think you are terrific to cook all these interesting meals with vegetarian ingredients. Great garden pics.

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  11. Bridgette says:

    Wow! These are phenomenal photos. Love the pink flowers dripping with water and that gorgeous autumn tree.

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  12. Terrific photos. Your cooking sounds superb.

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  13. Erika says:

    Some cooler temps and some more rain make such a difference, it is amazing!


  14. tootlepedal says:

    A lovely shot of the nerines among a colourful selection.

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  15. V.M.Sang says:

    What a magnificent autumn tree, Geoff.
    Your meals sound good. I’m afraid I’ve reverted to the mean. When I was working and had less time, I was much more creative with the meals. Strange that.

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  16. I’m only a few days behind in my reading, but this feels like ancient history! Liz Truss indeed.

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  17. Jennie says:

    The colors are quite beautiful, and it’s amazing how quickly grass bounces back. Please beam yourself across the pond and cook for me. I’d prefer being in charge of 500 children to cooking anything. πŸ™‚ I’m glad you’re feeling better, Geoff!

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