A Spa For All Seasons #writephoto

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The Tiddle: A Spa For All Seasons

While Little Tittweaking’s name supposedly came from a throwaway comment by Daisy Doesit after she spied water dribbling from a small hill, the medicinal properties of the waters around Little Tittweaking were well known to previous generations. The Romans may have focused on Bath because they had not found a very warm welcome in Shower, where the thermostat was famously temperamental, and the Vikings preferred mud – history did them no favours by focusing on their export of pillage rather than soil moisturising – but the Anglo-Saxon population appreciated what a ‘dribble from the tiddle’ did for them.

To ancient man, unaware of chemical compositions and immuno-boosting proteins, the fact the water tasted of cherry compote was sufficient for its attractions to become widely known and appreciated. Over time, that flavour was lost to memory and the innocent waters flowed uninterrupted. It took the reintroduction of beavers to the area for the flavour to return and a study to conclude that it was the result of the beaver’s diet of buttock-hawthorn berries that was the cause.

Naturally, this revelation did nothing for the proposed spa’s early publicity, but Connie Fidence wasn’t easily put off. In an interview the day after the report was published confirming the water’s unique properties were the result of berry shit, Connie dismissed this as a problem, sure, in time, it would be seen in its proper context. ‘Over the history of the River Tiddle, I’m sure a lot of its waters have been passed,’ she was quoted as saying.

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  1. Berry shit is never a problem to someone like Conne Fidence. Waters pass indeed.

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  2. We were always happy with our village water. Every drop was passed by the laird!


  3. tootlepedal says:

    The water looks strangely brown for cherry compote but you can sell anything to some people.

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  4. Hi Geoff, you never disappoint.

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  5. Displaying a masterful grasp of history

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  7. Jemima Pett says:

    Oh, the opportunities for pun-ishment! As a Dorset gal, I was brought up sniggering at the Piddle…

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