Week Thirty-Two: 2022

We entered the week feeling grotty. Nothing on the LTFs but still the symptoms felt more covidy than cold. We may never know.

Anyway, by Monday, I was feeling more perky, so much so that I dragged out the vacuum. Our kitchen, at certain times of year resembles a tumble weed collection zone as moulted cat and dog hair gather in corners and around chair legs. It’s presence rather defeats the 5 second rule: if you pick up food within 5 seconds of being dropped it’s safe to eat. That doesn’t work so well when something has its own hairy gratin topping.

It took a couple of goes to beat out the worst excesses but while it left me sweating like an nervy teen on a first date, it was an improvement.

Tuesday saw us overrun with gas fitters as we accepted the recurrent advice from the last three services to have it replaced before it expires during the next ice age. Mind you, right now I’d welcome a little sub zeros. The lads were the epitome of efficiency, also flushing out the radiators. We reserved all that water, too, but maybe not for the tomatoes unless we want a rust-infused pasata.

By Tuesday evening, I felt perky enough to join the Textiliste, Vet and Pest Controller at Wembley Stadium for Coldplay. Chris Martin is an oversugared Labrador at the best of times and this was one of them. They are a terrific stadium band and I was bouncing in and out of my seat for two and a half hours. Towards the end there’s a slot when the band performs with a guest, in this case two: Jacob Collier and Natalie Imbruglia. They did a delightful singalong tribute to Olivia Newton-John too.

If that had tested my resolve I was heading back to north London the next day for the start of the Test Match versus South Africa. Naturally when you put on a major cricket match you get this.

And during the rain delay we had a protest; very unusual for somewhere so hidebound with tradition as the Home of Cricket.

I managed another couple of days and by the third I was flagging a little. Not as much as England who were royally stuffed.

In amongst all this, my taste for coffee has deserted me. It just tastes wrong. So for now I’ve given it up. Naturally I’ve developed a withdrawal headache but that’s much easier now. I may try some this time next week…

As I’ve written elsewhere, the garden is still seer and Saharan. We have a lot of clay in the soil (it’s not called London clay for no reason) which is useful for water retention, when there is any. When dry however it’s like digging in bricks. The Textiliste decided some ornamental dogwoods, that we are likely to move anyway would benefit from a stay in her herbaceous hospital. Out came my industrial strength fork and a test for my health and vigour. Happily both survived and our puppy plants are now soaking in their reviving spa.

It’s always good to look forward and the Vet is 30 next year. When you have a celebration plus a garden designed to be enjoyed, you start planning. At least she’s looking at the beginning of July. It should be easier to produce some colour for her. That gives our autumn a new focus! Marvellous.

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33 Responses to Week Thirty-Two: 2022

  1. willowdot21 says:

    You had a busy week Geoff hope your on the mend .

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  2. Pam Lazos says:

    Wait, you dug up a dogwood to put in the greenhouse?! And it’s not gone into shock?! 😱

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  3. Good to hear you’re almost fit again. With luck we may have some rain before the 30th birthday party!

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  4. You’ve no idea how much comfort I derive from hearing about your tumbleweeds! I call ours dust rhinos because they are much too large to be dust bunnies and seem quietly menacing, somehow. If only actual rhinos were as numerous. :-/

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  5. Hi Geoff, it sounds like Covid to me. You get headaches and coffee or tea taste funny with Covid so it’s a good possibility. Your garden looks very sorry, did you get rain last week when London flooded?

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  6. JT Twissel says:

    Gosh I haven’t stayed out past nine o’clock for so long that I’d probably turn into a pumpkin!

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  7. Enjoyed the report. I hate to say this but if you can’t stand the taste of coffee there is something seriously wrong. Hopefully some time will resolve the issue.

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  8. petespringerauthor says:

    I had a physical last week and went through my litany of questions with the doctor. I told him I was concerned about drinking 2-3 cups daily. He told me the latest research shows coffee is actually good for us. Like you, I go through phases where something doesn’t taste good for a time. (Except for peanut butter, which I’ve probably eaten every day for the last 50 years.)

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  9. Get properly well soon. The Test match must have been miserable

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  10. noelleg44 says:

    I’m glad you are mended enough to see Coldplay and some cricket. Hooray!

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  11. Jennie says:

    Your Sahara yard is sad, like the rest of us. On the flip side, your visit to Wembley Stadium to hear Coldplay is most every American’s dream.

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