The Garden: July 2022, Part One

Goodness, we are being beaten up by the weather. We don’t water, as no doubt the Tower of London does its wildflowers so ours are beginning to wilt.

The month was grand at the beginning…

but recently it’s been getting a bit stressed even if we’ve maintained some colour

Now, no sniggering in the back, but in the same way we cannot cope with snow (famously, the excuse for the trains stopping during one snowy winter was that the train companies had prepared but unfortunately we had had the wrong sort of snow so , as per usual everything ground to a halt) we don’t do heat. The Met Office officials are nearly wetting themselves with excitement that they have been able to announce the highest danger of a red weather warning. We may – brace yourselves – reach 40C for the first time ever. It’s a shame they cannot wet my garden right now.

I shouldn’t joke, I suppose because the point is valid that we aren’t prepared for these sorts of temperatures and the infrastructure, especially our buildings and the health service doesn’t have the equipment and expertise. If the weather boffins are right, and I’ve owned seaweed with more accurate forecasting powers, people may well die because of the heat. I, for one, will avoid any public transport, keep Dog indoors on the cool side of the house with the curtains drawn and guzzle much liquid. Night might be the best time…

So, if Monday and Tuesday are as bad as forecast, this might be peak garden and the next images will look vaguely Saharan.


And Dog? We walked our neighbours lolloping hound, Sarana who came for a visit. All went well until she and Tipsy had a face to face…

Lesson learnt.

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34 Responses to The Garden: July 2022, Part One

  1. willowdot21 says:

    The gardens are suffering as is everything! I fear this is our future! Anyhow Dog’s mate looks very dashing! I bet Tipsy won the face off and she’s still cool and keeping her sunglass close to hand sensible girl!
    We will be doing much the same as you in this heat so safe cool safe and hydrated.

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  2. Stephen Tanham says:

    Gorgeous flowers, Geoff, despite the lack of rain. Loved the ‘wetting’ comments!

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  3. Darlene says:

    Still looks good. I guess it is good the wedding was last year. Dogs and cats can be a disaster sometimes.

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  4. joylennick says:

    That’s what I call an avalanche of colour and photos…Oh that royal blue with the pink… x

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  5. Tails from the Dogdom! Your garden is still light years ahead of most. Doing a rain dance for you.

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  6. Even the drought loving plants are beginning to struggle. Perhaps we can arrange for Boris to sort out some rain for us before he goes. He apparently got everything else done!

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  7. Everything will perk up the minute you have a good soaking rain – we are in the midst of two weeks of mid-90s weather (33+) with only occasional thunderstorms and rain. We are good for water, though, so we can water our squash, cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers. Even dog looks a bit droopy – here’s hoping for a break in your weather soon.


  8. It would kill me to see the plants wilt from the lack of water. I hope you get some rain soon. Your weather is sounding more like Texas every day.

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  9. JT Twissel says:

    I hope they’re wrong about the forecast. Your flowers are still lovely.


  10. HI John, I am always watering my garden, especially my fruit trees. I spent 1 1/2 hours watering them yesterday. I actually find it very relaxing. During the summer, the irrigation system waters the garden at night (which ruins my fun but it better for the garden). I hope your heat wave breaks soon.

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  11. V.M.Sang says:

    You are so lucky to have such a beautiful garden. No! Such beauty comes on the back of a lot of hard work. How do you find the time to do anything else?

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  12. Jennie says:

    I hope your lovely garden survived the heatwave.

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