Making An Exhibition #RA #summerexhibition

It seems odd, doesn’t it? A summer exhibition in December. Like an autumn Christmas? Or a weekend of Tuesdays. But the summer exhibition stretches into January to give the likes of me and the Textiliste time to enjoy its eclectic, weird, thought-provoking, crass, tasteless, brilliant mix of art, craft and everything in between.

The Royal Academy, as the above ceiling hints at, is an august institution – definitely not a September one. There has been a summer exhibition for, well, ages. Years. Eons. And it’s fairly democratic and inclusive and, as a result, inclined to the odd…

the trite…

and the surreal…

You can buy the art, or copies of prints if that’s what’s on sale – the little red dots by the pictures or sculptures denotes a sale – or, like us, just look and enjoy.

This year there seemed to be more craft…

more colour..

more of everything…

There is always some politically inclined…

Even if it’s on the tasteless side of satirical

and there will always be stuff that is just beyond much explanation…

and eventually these dictate your overall views…

as you ask them…

I think every exhibition I go to leaves me de-feet-ed.

Here are some other pics… no explanation is available; that’s the beauty of the summer exhibition. It’s imagery beyond words…

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40 Responses to Making An Exhibition #RA #summerexhibition

  1. willowdot21 says:

    It Brilliant isn’t I love such eclectic art! Going to the obvious, I do like the Last supper. I see Lennon got his wish to be God, poor Amy still looks sad everyone else seems to enter the spirit of it….even their shoes strike me as significant.
    All in all it looks amazing….when Ruby’s better I am going to try and get up there 💜

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  2. I too loved the Last Supper, and recognised nearly all the diners. I thought your capture of the flaming cockerel with the fire point to the rear was inspired, whether intended or not!

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  3. The Last Supper is excellent. What an amazing mix of talent, imagination and insight! Thanks for sharing Geoff.

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  4. noelleg44 says:

    What fun! I loved the police and surrealism. Who says you can’t have a summer exhibition!

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  5. arlingwoman says:

    There is so much to like here. The stick person, the coracle shaped boat with the odd passengers, the colorful woolen and feather creatures. I’ve been at two art exhibitions myself recently, and while there was whimsey, there weren’t any large fabric/felt/feather/wooden creatures…

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  6. I so wanted to see this, but try as I might, I couldn’t get the photos to load. Maybe memory trouble today.

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  7. Now I take it back. It finally loaded. I thought the last supper was terrific. I enjoyed them all actually.

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  8. JT Twissel says:

    Oh my, what an assortment. The last art exhibit I went to the artist made sculptures out of lint from the dryer. It made me wonder if she went door to door asking people for their dryer lint.

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    • TanGental says:

      Urgh. On the TV they should a picture of our Prime Minister crafted by a barber out of his daily clippings. Technically clever but a bit like pulling a politician out of the plug hole…


  9. V.M.Sang says:

    WordPress unsubscribed me AGAIN!
    I went to the Summer Exhibition a few years ago. Yes, there are some wonderful art works there, as well as some bizarre ones!

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  10. This looks like an exhibition I would enjoy and Terence would not. I really liked the table of little trucks. I have a whole tray of Thomas the Tank trains.

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  11. Elizabeth says:

    Now is this particular exhibit juried? If so I would really like to meet the judges and learn what substances they imbibed before making their selections.

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  12. Ruth says:

    ‘A Weekend of Tuesdays’ sounds like the title of a book I’d love to read…! 🙂

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